Sharia Microstates in Eurabia

Catholicgauze lists some papers he is about to present. One of them is particularly interesting.

United Caliphates of Europe: A Geographical Look at Sharia Microstates
The latter half of the twentieth century saw a large rise in Muslim migration into Western and Central Europe. Originally, Europeans assumed that only a small number of immigrants would arrive and that they would assimilate. However, the promise of Europe attracted a larger than expected number of migrants. At the same time, immigrants interpreted European promises of “human rights” to mean that cultural assimilation would not be necessary. Now original misunderstandings have led to societal conflict, and have helped create spaces where regular law enforcement is nominal at best. Not falling into anarchy, these spaces have instead become microstates under improvised Sharia law. These microstates have similar demographic, infrastructural, and spatial qualities with each other and are each a part of a larger communicative network.
To be presented at the Association of American Geographers National Convention in San Fransisco during April 17 to 21, 2007.

This is one I’d love to see in full.

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3 responses to “Sharia Microstates in Eurabia

  1. Thanks for the link. I’m working on a few papers and I ever get one publishes I’ll give you a heads up!

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  3. In France the Seine Saint Denis department in the suburb of Paris, called by non muslims citizens the “Frankistan”.