26% of teen girls have a sexually transmitted disease: digging into the numbers

Lindsey Tanner of the AP reports

  • The study size is 838 teenage American girls, an analysis of girls aged 14-19 from a 2003-4 government health survey
  • Projected population of teenage girls in the USA is 12.3 million, with 3.2 million infected
  • Teens in the study were tested for human papillomavirus (HPV), chlamydia, trichomoniasis, and genital herpes. These are the 4 most common sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).
  • They were not tested for more dangerous STDs: gonorrhea (the clap), syphilis (pox), hepatitis B, or HIV/AIDS. They didn’t test for pubic lice (crabs) or mononucleosis either.
  • 26% of girls in the study have a STD
  • 18% have HPV
  • 4% have chlamydia
  • 2.5% have trichomoniasis
  • 2% have genital herpes
  • About half the girls in the study acknowledged having sex
  • Some girls define sex as coitus only, not oral-genital activity, much like Bill Clinton
  • Among girls who admit having sex, 40% have a STD
  • Nearly 50% of black girls had at least one STD
  • About 20% of white and girls of Mexican descent had at least one STD

The startling statistic for black girls (50% infected) shows a population in peril. Something is very, very wrong in their world. I suspect it is the destruction of the black family and the popularity of gang-bangers, drugs and thugs in youth culture. Gramsci and the sixties hippies have a lot to answer for.

The incompleteness of the report also raises questions. What is the prevalence of gonorrhea, syphilis, and HIV/AIDS? These are dangerous diseases, far more dangerous than trichomoniasis or genital herpes, and they were not addressed at all.

  • According to Wikipedia, between 3 and 18% of sexually active girls have gonorrhea, and 0-3% have syphilis. If we use a 50% rate of sexual activity for teenage girls, as they have self-reported in the CDC study, this works out to an additional 1.5%-9% with gonorrhea, and 0-1.5% with syphilis, for a total infection rate of 27%-36%.
  • According to AVERT, 3% (1,434) of HIV infections in the USA were among teens up to age 19. This works out to an infection rate under 0.02%, or 1/50th of 1%.

Thus we discover that the actual, overall infection rate could very well pass 1 in 3 teenage girls. More and better research needs to be done to determine the actual infection rates.


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6 responses to “26% of teen girls have a sexually transmitted disease: digging into the numbers

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  2. Don’t believe every ‘scientific’ study you read. First, find out who sponsored it. You may soon find they have their own agenda.

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  4. Rosemary, what do you know about the CDC study and Sara Forhan? Please tell.

    I did notice that the article was incredibly biased against abstinence education, against parental involvement, and for condom giveaways and sex “positive” education. But the article is not the study. That’s why I summarized all the factual info from it and left the bias behind.

    I see that Dr. Forhan practices as an Ob-Gyn in Greensboro NC, that she graduated from the UC San Francisco med school and did her residency at UPenn in Philly. The source of the news story appears to have been a conference call, and the best independent verification of what was said is at healthfinder.gov.

    Anyway, I’d love to hear what you know about this study.

  5. Great post on an important subject! When listing the guilty, near the top of the list are those who denounced Patrick Moynihan’s warnings about the family of Afro-Americans.

  6. Absolutely true. Moynihan was prescient on this. The presidential candidate who most effectively overcomes the red/blue divide will have an opportunity to fix this. Unfortunately I don’t think that Obama can do this as he is the most liberal member of the Senate. McCain with his long record of crossing the aisle to work with Democrats has the background. I’m not sure if his message can get through though, for various reasons. And Hillary won’t do it unless there is a poll that tells her to.