Defining Egotism

Obsolete frets in “Are you scared yet?” finally expressing the dark heart of Egotism at the center of his soul:

The Queen Mary University website talks of a communication office, which seems to go out of its way to be hospitable towards journalistic requests of seemingly any nature. Unless it seems, if you’re either: A. a blogger or B: asking about whether the head of MI5 was paid for her appearance, even if just for expenses. As of writing this post at 23:43, having sent the email in the early hours of this morning, I haven’t so much as got a What a maroon!reply telling me to piss off.

Ahhhhhh…. Shut up!

What a maroon.


2 responses to “Defining Egotism

  1. It’s quite a honour to be called a “maroon” by someone who refers to Muslims as “Moslems” ( and who likes to post bumper stickers using the Danish cartoons. (

    Oh, and then there’s the part where you can’t tell the difference between “egotism” and setting out what I’d emailed to the university.

    Thanks for the comment and link, though.