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Resources for CounterJihad

The Manchester Document
A fairly compact jihadist manual describing how jihadists can operate and complete their missions of evil in the modern world.

The Counterjihad Infowar

Resources for CounterDawa

Resources Against Contemporary Slavery

Resources Against the Subjection of Women

J. S. Mill, The Subjection of Women
From 1869, one of the greatest of English philosophers produced one of the key texts in the English language that made the case to raise women and children irrevocably from second class status to legal equality with men.

Resources for Liberty

Foundations of the American System of Government
A reading list for those who wish to review or read for the first time the documents that describe the American system of government, its freedoms, its obligations, and the true meaning of liberty as opposed to the ACLU’s version.

Resources Against Absolutist Secularists

Map Resources

CounterJihad Glossary

The God of Islam. His symbol is the crescent moon and a five pointed star. There is a black stone, perhaps a meteorite, in the Ka’aba in Mecca Saudi Arabia that is sacred to him. The Koran claims that Allah is identical to the God of the Jews and Christians, before the Jews and Christians fell away from their original beliefs, which were identical to Islam, to their degenerate current beliefs. Christians and Jews disagree, and believe this is a slander on their religions and an insult against God.
Submission to Allah. Submission within Islam is not simple obedience. It is slavish obedience, of the sort practiced by a slave (abd), or by the subject of a Middle Eastern Tyrant. For example, Abdullah which means “Slave of Allah” was the name of Mohammed’s father. Thus, the founder of the religion that worships Allah alone was the son of a man who was dedicated to Allah at birth.
The prophet of Islam.
Recruitment to Islam. Dawa is akin to Evangelism for Christianity, but not quite the same. A Christian conversion is only seen as valid if the convert completely understands what he/she is getting into, and if the convert truly believes. A conversion to Islam is seen as valid if the required form is followed, and the convert recites the phrase of belief (“There is no god but Allah, and Mohammed is his prophet”). Understanding and true belief are not required.
Formally Jihad means Struggle, in the same sense that “Mein Kampf” means “My Struggle.” Speaking practically, Jihad is a Holy War for Allah. Read S. K. Malik’s Qu’ranic Concept of War, the Jihad doctrine of the Pakistani military, for all the details you need.
Those who practice Jihad. The English language coinage Jihadist or Jihadi is equivalent. See the “Manchester Document” for an example of a brief Jihadist manual that explains how Jihadists function whether in a society where they are accepted or one where they must be undercover.
Tricking people for the good of Islam.
Koran, or Quran
Islam’s holy book. It is ordered by the length of the Suras (leaves), not by the chronological order in which the Suras were narrated. Mohammed was illiterate and spoke it as he heard it from the angel Gabriel, who appeared to him alone. His followers memorized the Koran, and after Mohammed died one of his successors had the Koran written from the verses as recalled by the muslims with the best memories. Muslims believe the Koran, a book which is the word of Allah as narrated to Mohammed by the angel Gabriel and recorded by his followers with good memories, is the literal Word of Allah in the same way that Jesus is the Word of God to Christians.
The life of Mohammed. There are many versions of the Hadiths (or Ahadith). They differ in the number of verses they admit to the canon, and are united in their approach to presenting Mohammed as the perfect man whom all Muslims (in the past, present, and future) should imitate in all particulars.
As noted above, the Koran is not recorded in chronological order. There are contradictory verses in the Koran. Muslims reconcile these contradictory verses by replacing the original verse with the newer verse. This process is called abrogation.

The unified government of all Muslims by a Caliph, with both religious and temporal authority, who completely implements Sharia law including the Jizya, Dhimmi status or extermination for non-Muslims, and an eternal Jihad against all lands outside the Caliphate. See here.

Islamic law obeying the Koran and Ahadith, including all cultural Muslim practices such as polygamy, clitorodectomy, honor killing, second-class person status for women, and death for apostasy.

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