The Rove-r

No more MC Rove to kick around.

That was a sad spectacle. Even the Snack Fairy couldn’t rescue it.

So the Rove-r put in his two weeks’ notice. I don’t know exactly what his contribution was, it’s hard for anyone outside the White House to know exactly what it was, but he must have done something right to judge by the spit-flecked vitriol of the increasingly lunatic left. He probably did some things wrong too. But errors are unavoidable.

I’ve been to London, seen seven wonders. I know to trip is just to fall
I used to rock it, sometimes I’d roll it. I always knew what it was for.

There can be no denyin’ that the wind ‘ll shake ’em down
And the flag we’re flying, is the new flag of the land.

The important thing, when one is a Rove-r, is to set your course by the heavens, drive into the heartland where your quest is located, win the girl, slay the dragoncrats, and take the prize home.


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