Hillary Clinton’s Greatest Fan… NOT!


Dick Morris, who is Hillary Clinton’s greatest fan in some alternate universe, responds to Bill Clinton’s web ad for his wife

Bill says: In law school Hillary worked on legal services for the poor.The true facts are: Hillary’s main extra-curricular activity in law school was helping the Black Panthers, on trial in Connecticut for torturing and killing a federal agent. She went to court every day as part of a law student monitoring committee trying to spot civil rights violations and develop grounds for appeal. [confirmed by snopes and newsmax, though an exaggerated email accusation falsely credited to Paul Harvey is shown to be partially fraudulent.]

Bill says: Hillary spent a year after graduation working on a children’s rights project for poor kids.

The true facts are: Hillary interned with Bob Truehaft, the head of the California Communist Party. She met Bob when he represented the Panthers and traveled all the way to San Francisco to take an internship with him. [internship with Bob Truehaft of Truehaft, Walker and Bernstein in Oakland CA confirmed. Truehaft was the Communist Party’s lawyer, and also a lawyer for the Black Panthers, but can’t confirm he was head of the CP.]

Bill says: Hillary could have written her own job ticket, but she turned down all the lucrative job offers.

The true facts are: She flunked the DC bar exam and only passed the Arkansas bar. She had no job offers in Arkansas and only got hired by the University of Arkansas Law School at Fayetteville because Bill was already teaching there. She only joined the prestigious Rose Law Firm after Bill became Attorney General and made partner only after he was elected Governor. [Confirmed by Carl Bernstein]

As Carl Bernstein stated when Jon Weiner interviewed him:

She’s always been fascinated by radicalism. She wrote her senior thesis on a great radical organizer of poor people, Saul Alinsky of Chicago. Though when she was offered a job by Alinsky, after she wrote about him, and she turned him down—because she didn’t think he was effective enough. She said to her boyfriend at that time, to be in politics you have to win. And it didn’t look to her like Alinsky was winning enough of his battles. She came to question his methodology and concluded in her thesis that larger government programs and funding were needed, not just community action at the grass roots.

She hasn’t changed much since then. Back then she wanted to force radical communistic changes on the United States, today she does too. Back then she strove for naked political power, now she does the same thing. Back then she believed in ever larger government programs and more taxation, and she believes the same thing now.


In the news today, Hillary Clinton’s White House records are being withheld from public scrutiny.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) – Millions of documents from Hillary Rodham Clinton’s days in the White House, including phone logs, schedules and other files, may not be released before the 2008 presidential election.

Officials with the National Archives said Tuesday that they couldn’t predict when any of the material from the former first lady will be released from the Clinton Presidential Library in Little Rock, Ark. [Breitbart/AP]

Judicial Watch announces regarding its lawsuits to force release of her White House records:

“Given Mrs. Clinton’s current status as a presidential candidate, if not the front-runner for the Democratic Party’s nomination, the public interest in her tenure as First Lady is undeniable,” Judicial Watch stated in its lawsuit. “Because Mrs. Clinton seeks our nation’s highest office and may well be the next President of the United States, the public interest weighs heavily in favor of enjoining the Library from continuing to withhold the records at issue.”

“This lawsuit is a first step in obtaining access to new documents about Hillary Clinton’s role in the Clinton White House. With Hillary Clinton aggressively pursuing the presidency, uncovering the truth about her activities in the White House is just as relevant today as it was during the Clinton era,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “The law requires the timely release of these and other Clinton White House documents. The court should compel the Archives to comply with the Freedom of Information Act and quickly release these records.”

Hillary Clinton spent eight years in the White House working on various things; exactly what other than Socializing medicine and fretting about her straying husband, nobody knows. Nor does anybody believe that she spent all her time planning menus and decorating. The record of her activity is missing. If she wants to claim to have greater experience at the level of the Presidency for her own Presidential campaign then she needs to let the people know what she did. Lacking the records, she is just another one-term Senator, no more qualified than handsome empty suits Obama and Edwards.

And Hillary Clinton is still too far to the left. Ever since she was transformed in the Marxist mind-blender at Harvard she has been too comfortable with the Progressive Stalinist revolutionary subculture that drove the old-fashioned liberals out of the Democratic party. Beware, when Clinton rejects the Liberal label for the Progressive one, that doesn’t mean she is less radical, but more.

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  2. Hello. I am contacting political bloggers around the country since I am one as well. I hope this email is not an intrusion.

    As for Hillary, she has ridden her husband’s coattails, and I cannot think of any significant positive accomplishment she can point to as solely hers without lying.

    If you are open to doing a link exchange, I get some pretty decent traffic.

    Thank you.

    eric aka http://www.blacktygrrrr.wordpress.com

    Also, if you are interested, I am # 6 in the country at the bloggers choice awards in the political category.


  3. The black panthers are fanatics, you know. I saw some of their spokesman on O’Reilly’s. One true believer recognizes another, you know.

    Also Morris shows us that the best way to destroy something is still from the inside out.

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  7. Charles Nickalopoulos

    This strange woman is running for the presidency, but what troubles me, is what is she running FROM?

  8. It is hard to reconcile the college freshman who was a member of Students for Goldwater with the law school defender of the Black Panthers, isn’t it? Except it was the sixties and the drug-fueled madness of the decade warped a lot of other people too.

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