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To Clone a Savior Sibling

In the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) there is a row of large machines, approximately the same size as vending machines. The parents of very sick children are pleased to have access to these machines, for each one is a savior to a sick child. The Voltaire family’s new girl child, Candy, is sick. She is in renal failure. Her heart has two damaged, barely functioning ventricles. She would have been allowed to die if it were not for the machine. Inside the machine is her clone, called an eidete. Grown from her own cells, her eidete is in every respects a living girl, genetically identical to Candy though 9 months behind in development. But her eidete has been kept unconscious by powerful drugs and will continue to be kept unconscious for the rest of her life, until she (the eidete) either dies from surgery or is put to death with a pain-free form of euthanasia. The eidete’s only purpose in life is to grow organs to be transplanted into Candy. Once the heart and kidneys are developmentally ready, they will be removed from the eidete and transplanted into Candy. This will mean death for her eidete. Hopefully this will save Candy’s life. If it doesn’t, then the doctor’s plan to grow another clone from Candy and try again. If, later in her life, more vital organs fail, then the doctors will grow another clone of Candy and take vital organs as needed to restore Candy’s health.

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