Bully Obama?

Nedra Pickler reports for the AP on Obama’s new disco ball and leisure suit ad against McCain that includes this text:

“He admits he still doesn’t know how to use a computer, can’t send an e-mail…”

She goes on to cheerlead for the Obama campaign in the rest of the article because, like most of the media and the AP drones in particular, she is a cheerleader for Barry and operation “hopechange.” [Breitbart]

But she left out something. Jonah Goldberg writes in NRO:

The reason he doesn’t send email is that he can’t use a keyboard because of the relentless beatings he received from the Viet Cong in service to our country. From the Boston Globe (March 4, 2000):

McCain gets emotional at the mention of military families needing food stamps or veterans lacking health care. The outrage comes from inside: McCain’s severe war injuries prevent him from combing his hair, typing on a keyboard, or tying his shoes. Friends marvel at McCain’s encyclopedic knowledge of sports. He’s an avid fan – Ted Williams is his hero – but he can’t raise his arm above his shoulder to throw a baseball.

In a similar vein I guess it’s an outrage that the blind governor of New York David Patterson doesn’t know how to drive a car.

Not only that, but as Goldberg also notes, McCain is surprisingly web-savvy. So the ad is false on its face, making Obama a flat-out liar. Again.

Hey Obama. Kick the cripple and tell lies about him.

That part came out of my imagination plus expecting what we’re going to read at DKOS and DU.

If it doesn’t make your blood boil you don’t have a heart.

Maybe next he will mock Trig Palin for having an extra chromosome. That’d be about the speed of this ad.


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9/11: The Jihad says Hello World

Seven years ago the world learned what Jihad means. The words of S. K. Malik were illuminated by the facts on the ground, and in the streets of New York City. The cultural weakness inherent in the West’s attempt, following the examples of the Jacobins, the Russian communists, and the German national socialists, to drive religion out of the public square became apparent, for we who had become totally secular in our thoughts and beliefs had no defenses against this vicious attempt to destroy our Faith in what we believed in. Here is what Malik wrote when defining the accepted philosophy of warfare for Pakistan (and for all Jihadists).

Terror struck into the hearts of the enemies is not only a means, it is the end in itself. Once a condition of terror into the opponent’s heart is obtained, hardly anything is left to be achieved. Its is the point where the means and the end meet and merge. Terror is not a means of imposing decision upon the enemy; it is the decision we wish to impose upon him. […]

Terror […] is basically related to the strength or weakness of the human soul. It can be instilled only if the opponent’s Faith is destroyed. Psychological dislocation is temporary; spiritual dislocation is permanent. Psychological dislocation can be produced by a physical act but this does not hold good of the spiritual dislocation. To instil terror into the hearts of the enemy, it is essential, in the ultimate analysis, to dislocate his Faith. An invincible Faith is immune to terror. A weak Faith offers inroads to terror.

S. K. Malik, The Qu’ranic Concept of War, p 59-60.

The bolding is mine. The targets of 9/11 were symbolic of American capitalism and international commerce. The World Trade Center was no longer the world’s tallest building, but it was a powerful (and easy to hit) symbol of international trade and the material prosperity produced by capitalism and commerce. The Pentagon is the center of the American military, which protects the sea-lanes of the world from pirates and supports the advance of international commerce and finance. And the last plane that crashed into a pasture in Shanksville, Pennsylvania was destined to strike the US Capitol Building, the seat of the Senate and House of Representatives, the source of laws regulating commerce for the United States, which is so abhorrent to Jihadists who believe only in the law of Sharia.

If commerce is the civic religion of the United States then this was a strike right at the American soul. But if the soul of the United States is more properly stated in the Declaration of Independence then it was a miss. And that is where the Jihadists miscalculated. America rose up and demanded vengeance against those who launched nineteen assassins against innocent American civilians. If it took war to get vengeance and to secure America against the Jihad, then so be it.

On the other hand, Hollywood, secular Democrats, the media, academia, and the east and west coast secular elites could not understand what had happened. After the initial terror shivered them to their core they blocked the memory of it out of their minds and sealed their minds apart from the fact of what was opposed to them. Then they fiercely opposed any attempt to remind them, or to carry out military action to counter the Jihad.

Never forget the WTC, Pentagon, Shanksville.

Never forget the falling man.

Never forget who celebrated.

Never forget that if you are not a Jihadist, then the Jihad is coming for you, your family, your loved ones.

By the way, anyone who argues that 9/11 was not the work of Jihadists and Muslims and was the work of Mossad/US/Bush/Cheney/CIA/Hollywood should put their heads on straight. 9/11 “Truthers” are soul-less fools and useful idiots for the Jihad.


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How bad could Obama be?

This bad. Maybe worse.

Investor’s Business Daily has a must-read series on Obama’s stealth socialism titled The Audacity of Socialism.

Barack Obama has styled himself a centrist, but does his record support that claim?

In this series, we examine Senator Obama’s past, his voting record and the people who’ve served as his advisers and mentors over the years. We’ll show how the facts of Obama’s actions and associations reveal a far more left-leaning tilt to his background and to his politics.

I mean it. At 14 parts so far, the series is a must-read.

And if you haven’t heard of it yet, the soberest examination of Obama’s actual record yet is Freddoso’s book. Here is a pretty good interview of Freddoso.

I just want to cite for you one of the things that Alinsky says in Rules for Radicals. I’m not going to read it or quote, I’m just going to summarize it. What he says is that, he’s talking about the middle classes, and he says that they are sort of hopeless and lost. They become bitter. They cling to illusory fixed points which are nonetheless very real to them. They hold irrational religious beliefs that you shouldn’t try to disabuse them of because then they’ll react violently. Does any of this sound familiar to you?

DELLINGER: Yes, it sounds like that speech in Pennsylvania that caused so much controversy.

FREDDOSO: Yes, it was in San Francisco. He talked about the people back in Pennsylvania as bitter people who cling to guns and religion and patriotism. That’s exactly the way Alinsky talked about it, so Obama sort of takes this Alinsky’s entire philosophy condescends upon the human person. It condescends on the poor basically thinking that I know what they need better than they do. It condescends on the middle classes saying that we need to help them because they’re confused and everything but really they’re just a bunch of delusional people who think that patriotism and stuff like that is important. That’s the kind of influence you see in Obama’s life that you see from Saul Alinsky.

Condescending. Mean. Lawyer. Not trustworthy. Not Change we can believe in. Not the Change we need.


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World can have Obama

A BBC Poll indicates that socialist tools all over the world would rather have Obama as US President than McCain. Bully for them! How about we give Obama to the countries that want him? He can be president of the European Union or the Organization of the Islamic Conference (there’s your 57 states, Barry).

Heck, he could even be the Secretary General of the UN. Even an American socialist from the corrupt Chicago political machine is better than the anti-American, terror-enabling, Jew-hating corruptocrats the UN usually elects.


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Sexist Pig Obama “Cleverly” Insults a Woman

Stay classy, Obama.


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Infanticide: The Video

Jill Stanek tells the story of her experiences as a nurse in an Illinois hospital with a baby who was delivered alive at 21-22 weeks and left without any treatment to die. The baby had Down’s syndrome and had other problems, and the doctor delivered the baby instead of aborting it. This was legal in Illinois at the time, and two Born Alive Infant Protection Acts were introduced into the Illinois legislature. As far as I know, it is still legal in Illinois. Obama voted against the first act three times. The second one, which was identical in wording to the federal act, died in Obama’s committee when he refused to send it to the legislature for a vote. How apropos, to kill a bill with willful neglect in the same way that delivered, living babies were left to die in Illinois hospitals.

Watch it. I dare you. I double-dare you.

Update: See this video with Obama’s argument in the Illinois Senate. Continue reading

Who Speaks for Abortion Victims?

Every abortion has two victims, one of whom dies a horrible, cruel death and one who lives and endeavors to forget.

Christina Dunigan tells soul searing true stories about botched “safe and legal” abortions.

How about the shock 15-year-old Tamiia Russell’s mom got when her daughter confessed that she had been brought for an abortion by her abuser’s girlfriend? Tamiia had been so far advanced in her pregnancy that several other Detroit abortion clinics had turned her away — one even offering prenatal vitamins. But the abuser’s sister persisted, the abortion was arranged. And Tamiia hemorrhaged and died. Another dead teenager beneath your notice.

When will it become acceptable to mourn the dead, miracles of God destroyed as a result of Margaret Sanger’s eugenicist project? Abortion is no good for anyone. Real Choice makes that clear to anyone who reads with an open heart and mind. But the psychic and death toll of abortion falls disproportionately on the poor and on city dwellers, especially on blacks.

As I’ve written before, one of three black children is killed in the womb by the abortionist’s blade. The death toll of abortion mills such as Planned Parenthood has decimated the black population in America for forty-five years. When will it become acceptable to state this in public?

I’ve recommended other websites before. I also highly recommend reading as much of Real Choice as you can stand.


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