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WordPress Trackbacks Broken UPDATE: Fixed

As is currently being discussed on this forum, trackbacks are broken. The WordPress trackbacks option hides and comes out like it’s supposed to but there is no trackback box to put trackbacks into. If you need to do trackbacks you can use haloscan’s manual trackback page. You will have to create a haloscan account to use it.

Update: As of 8:45PM CDT on 5/20/08 it’s fixed.


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WordPress Still Blocked in Turkey

Deborah Ann Dilley at Global Voices follows up on the same story I mentioned last week.

Last week Sami Ben Gharbia did an excellent posting about the blockage of the WordPress blogging platform in Turkey, this week we will examine what Turkish bloggers have to say about it. There is anger, resentment, and sense of utter amazement at the absurdness of the situation. And yet, there is a powerful spirit of strength in combating this ban.

Many Turkish bloggers and expat bloggers feel that the recent banning of WordPress in Turkey is not only a sign of things to come, but a cause for embarrassment.

Read it all.

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