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L’âme occidentale

From Le blog drzz, translation by Aurora at the Midnight Sun. The article is addressed to Europe and specifically to France.

The war against terror undeniably suffers from the opacity that surrounds it. During the Second World War, the advancing army measured its success in towns and villages captured and the media of the country would boost the morale of the troops in detailing the front line action.

Today we face a different world. The totalitarian enemy already strolls in our streets, but nobody fights. Continue reading


Should teachers be able to carry Guns?

Mr. Christian excerpts Rob at Say Anything.

Rob over at Say Anything has an interesting question posted:

That’s the rather interesting question from The Christian Science Monitor which has an article up about a teacher in Medford, Oregon, who wants to bring her Glock 9mm to school with her and is filing a lawsuit so she can do just that.

This is an issue that usually comes up after school shootings (Virginia Tech, etc.), and I am generally in favor of teachers bringing guns to school. That being said, I’ve got something of a nuanced position on this one in that I don’t think people have a right to bring their guns to work.

I think that teachers do have a right to bring their guns to school. It is not a matter of private property right, as Rob asserts, because the school is a government facility. As such, we the people are the owners. I believe her right to self defense trumps the rights of the administration to keep things “neat and tidy”

What say you?

We know what happens when nobody in a school is armed except for a single madman or a pair or a gang of evil men. That has been demonstrated to my satisfaction. It’s time to give responsible adults of good character and clear vision the chance to defend themselves and others not only in elementary and high schools, but also in colleges and universities.

Are teachers trustworthy enough to be allowed to carry guns?

Do we trust them with our children?

How could you answer yes to one and not to the other?

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Vice President’s Remarks at the Pentagon Observance of September 11th, 2006

A year ago the Vice President of the United States gave a moving speech to an audience at the Pentagon that included the families, friends, and co-workers of those who died at the Pentagon on that day that the Assassins’ War came to the United States five years before. By the end of the speech, everyone there had a tear or was openly sobbing with sorrow.

THE VICE PRESIDENT: Mr. Secretary, General Pace, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen: Five years ago, September 11th forever ceased to be an ordinary date on the calendar. So we gather, once again, to recall events that still have the power to move us, and always will. And we honor the men, women, and children whose lives were taken, so suddenly and so coldly, here at the Pentagon, at the World Trade Center, and on a field in Pennsylvania. We remember all that we saw, and heard, and felt on that Tuesday morning, and also how much the world changed on the 11th of September, 2001.

Nine-eleven is a day of national unity. The memories stay with all of us because the attack was directed at all of us. We were meant to take it personally, and we still do take it personally.

The ones who were lost had begun that day just as you and I did — as free citizens of a peaceful country. They were busy with life. They had people who cared about them, people who depended on them, people who loved the sight of their face and the sound of their voice. They were unsuspecting of danger and undeserving of their fate. Each one of them had hopes and plans for the future. All of that was taken away by the wicked plans of a few men.

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Text of Bin Laden Speech

I just finished typing it in.

I’ve seen an image of the text in some places, and partial transcripts in others, but the image is hard to quote or to fisk. This speech begs for fisking, close analysis and fact correction, and for comparing different passages to the statements of different anti-war figures like Noam “Terrorist Buddy” Chomsky, Cindy “Smoothie Diet” Sheehan, “Dingy” Harry Reid, Michael “Sicko” Moore, Nancy “Blinky” Pelosi, John “Lurch” Kerry, and the sonorous retard himself, Keith “4th place in his timeslot” Olbermaniac.

The text seems as if it was written in English and translated to Arabic. It would be useful to find out where Bin Laden and Jewish convert Adam Gadahn got the language for this speech, which hits every single leftist and socialist argument (except Abu Ghraib and Gitmo, which have already been used several times) against the Global Counterjihad, and also appeals to Republicans by promising tax cuts under Islamic governance. The scattershot style actually sounds desperate, as if he would say anything to get the US to stop fighting and leave him alone. I think he realizes that Al Qaeda is beaten in Afghanistan and Iraq, and this is a last ditch effort to stop the systematic dismantling of Al Qaeda in Iraq and the Taliban in Afghanistan. And there is one other thing that reinforces this analysis, this feeling, that I get from the words. Look at the pictures of Bin Laden in 2004 and 2007. As Robert Spencer notes, if Osama Bin Laden has dyed his hair and beard black, it means he is preparing to fight and kill or be killed in Jihad for the sake of Allah. He is preparing to physically fight, which he has not yet done in Al Qaeda’s Global Jihad, preferring to direct his doomed minions from a safe area in the rear. He has taken the coward’s path until now. But for this video he has dyed his hair and beard black as Blackbeard the Pirate. It would seem that he is preparing some last ditch spectacular attack, with the hope being that it will change the momentum of the battles in Iraq or Afghanistan and give his Jihadist followers and allies breathing room. He might even have some kind of spectacular suicide attack using WMDs in mind, and might even sacrifice his own life for the cause.

This is if Bin Laden is alive. It is very possible that he is dead and his spectre is being used to distract attention away from living Jihadists. Omar al Baghdadi, the ostensible Iraqi head of Al Qaeda in Iraq, is a fictional character. If Al Qaeda uses a fictional character as a figurehead for one of their organizations it is no great leap to think they might use a dead man as a figurehead for another one. It is as if NATO claimed that Ronald Reagan, Winston Churchill, and Napoleon were secretly directing global Counterjihad plans.

Have at it. All I ask is that you link back to where you got it.
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Article 82 from 1863

Art. 82.

Men, or squads of men, who commit hostilities, whether by fighting, or inroads for destruction or plunder, or by raids of any kind, without commission, without being part and portion of the organized hostile army, and without sharing continuously in the war, but who do so with intermitting returns to their homes and avocations, or with the occasional assumption of the semblance of peaceful pursuits, divesting themselves of the character or appearance of soldiers – such men, or squads of men, are not public enemies, and, therefore, if captured, are not entitled to the privileges of prisoners of war, but shall be treated summarily as highway robbers or pirates. [link 1, link 2]

AJacksonian unearthed this gem from the 1863 U.S. Army Field Manual, which was the law from 1863 to 1898. Perhaps with the return of highway robbers and pirates to the international battlefield, this language could be resurrected.

As the traditional punishment for Piracy is Life Imprisonment, and was the Noose before that, those who fit this description could be summarily subjected to those punishments.

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George W. Bush: August 22, 2007 speech to the VFW Convention

Given in Kansas City, a great speech on terrorism, the Iraq War, and parallels to Vietnam. Read it for yourself and check out the history yourself. Don’t believe the left-wing media spin about it.

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From BCCI to Alms for Jihad

The suppression by libel tourism of Alms for Jihad is only the latest chapter in a saga of lawsuit abuse by Sheikh Khalid bin Mahfouz, personal banker to the Saudi royal family, former CEO of the National Commercial Bank of Saudi Arabia and the unindicted, former Chief Operating Officer of of BCCI (Bank of Credit and Commerce International), the international criminal bank (for how he got out of BCCI without being criminally charged, see below).

Some background on BCCI will be useful as it will shed light on Mahfouz’s character. The US Senate Report to the Committee on Foreign Relations “The BCCI Affair” by Senators John Kerry and Hank Brown begins with these paragraphs:

BCCI’s unique criminal structure — an elaborate corporate spider-web with BCCI’s founder, Agha Hasan Abedi and his assistant, Swaleh Naqvi, in the middle — was an essential component of its spectacular growth, and a guarantee of its eventual collapse. The structure was conceived by Abedi and managed by Naqvi for the specific purpose of evading regulation or control by governments. It functioned to frustrate the full understanding of BCCI’s operations by anyone.

Unlike any ordinary bank, BCCI was from its earliest days made up of multiplying layers of entities, related to one another through an impenetrable series of holding companies, affiliates, subsidiaries, banks-within-banks, insider dealings and nominee relationships. By fracturing corporate structure, record keeping, regulatory review, and audits, the complex BCCI family of entities created by Abedi was able to evade ordinary legal restrictions on the movement of capital and goods as a matter of daily practice and routine. In creating BCCI as a vehicle fundamentally free of government control, Abedi developed in BCCI an ideal mechanism for facilitating illicit activity by others, including such activity by officials of many of the governments whose laws BCCI was breaking.

BCCI’s criminality included fraud by BCCI and BCCI customers involving billions of dollars; money laundering in Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Americas; BCCI’s bribery of officials in most of those locations; support of terrorism, arms trafficking, and the sale of nuclear technologies; management of prostitution; the commission and facilitation of income tax evasion, smuggling, and illegal immigration; illicit purchases of banks and real estate; and a panoply of financial crimes limited only by the imagination of its officers and customers.

Among BCCI’s principal mechanisms for committing crimes were its use of shell corporations and bank confidentiality and secrecy havens; layering of its corporate structure; its use of front-men and nominees, guarantees and buy-back arrangements; back-to-back financial documentation among BCCI controlled entities, kick-backs and bribes, the intimidation of witnesses, and the retention of well-placed insiders to discourage governmental action. [link]

Alyssa A. Lappen wrote an article in FrontPage magazine on 7/18/2005 that recounts Mahfouz’s role in the end of the BCCI affair.

Bin Mahfouz is no stranger to U.S. courts of criminal law. In 1992, for example, he paid $225 million (including a $37 million fine) to escape criminal charges in New York involving his role as chief operating officer of the shuttered Bank of Credit and Commerce International. Its New York and London branches were closed, and BCCI was implicated by the Central Intelligence Agency for laundering drug money and supporting international terrorists. In settling, Bin Mahfouz admitted no wrongdoing.

This article continues to describe Mahfouz’s modus operandi.

Nevertheless, in October 2001, according to former national security advisor Richard Clarke, the U.S. Treasury Department listed Yasin al Qadi as a designated terrorist for his financial support of al Qaeda. Qadi headed Muwafaq, a Saudi “relief organization” that Clarke said “reportedly transferred at least $3 million, on behalf of Khalid bin Mahfouz, to Usama bin Laden [sic] and assisted al Qida [sic] fighters in Bosnia.” So testified Clarke before the Senate banking committee on Oct. 22, 2003.

No surprise, Bin Mahfouz did not sue the State of New York, the U.S. Senate Banking Committee or Clarke. He preferred rather to stymie the flow of information concerning his apparent misdeeds by attacking the messengers.

The article continues with numerous libel suits filed in the UK that were all settled by the defendants. None of the listed cases were won in court of law. They were won by legal bullying, and if BCCI is a guide to how the process works, by using corrupt British government officials, and physical intimidation. Libel Tourism is a key component of the “lawfare” by which foreigners attempt to undermine American freedoms and laws, as it gives an extraordinary amount of power and leverage to filthy-rich Saudi citizens whose intent is to silence criticism or truthful reporting and whose interests are counter to the interests of America or Britain.

Also on the case: Memeorandum Roundup; Stanley Kurtz [plus 1, 2, 3, 4, 5]; NewsBusters; Cold Fury; Israel Matsav; Michelle Malkin; Hot Air; The Counterterrorism Blog; and even the reviewers at Amazon.

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