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It’s Bad in Chad

Walid Phares lays it out on the Counterterrorism Blog.

In less than 12 hours the so-called armed opposition of Chad, crossed the entire country from its Eastern frontiers with Islamist-ruled Sudan to the capital N’Djamena across from Northern Nigeria. The latest reports mention fierce battles around the Presidential Palace and back and forth inside the city. But at this stage the geo-political consequences are crucial for the next stages locally, regionally and internationally. The bottom line is that in one day, what could become the future Taliban of Chad have scored a strategic victory not only against the Government of the country (which was supposed to back up the UN plans to save Darfur in Sudan) but also against the efforts by the African Union and European Union to contain the Sudanese regime and stop the Genocide. Today’s offensive, regardless of the next developments, has already changed the geopolitics of Africa. Outmaneuvering the West and Africans, those regimes and forces standing behind the “opposition” have shown that they are restless in their campaign against human rights and self determination on the continent. But even more importantly the events of today shows how unprepared are Europeans and Americans in front of Jihadi regimes which seem weak on the surface but highly able to surprise and crumble Western efforts of containment.

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Who is Colonizing Whom?

In a comment on Tigerhawk, somebody with the moniker Cardinal Park said:

You are on to something here, though, and it in large measure explains why there is a cohort of folks in the west who actually sympathize with the Islamists — muchas they did with the Soviets. I think this crowd includes the Soros-types — they are the utopian one worlders who detest nationalism above all else and who explicitly work to erode the power of the nation state. Soros’s Open Society Institute actually shares this philosophy I think with Islamists — as do holdover Marxists.

This sounds like an equivalence relationship between the Umma and the surviving intellectual colonies in the West of the old Communist Internationale. They both want to colonize the USA. That much is clear. One to turn the USA into a new, even more oppressive neocommunist Soviet State, and the other to turn it into yet another Arabian vassal state (probably named Islamic States of America, or ISA, like their parody of Jesus).

And I haven’t even mentioned MECHA and La Raza.

It sure does suck to be colonized. Didn’t the USA have to throw off a colonial power once already? Is this the USA’s curse, to be the target of colonialist forces for eternity?

Colonizers go home!

Riehl World News thought of the colonial analogy first.

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What to do in a Counterjihad against a death cult?

Jeffrey Imm writes a lengthy and important article at the Counterterrorism Blog.

The Jihadist ideology embraces death, which is why suicide bombers are such an effective strategy. Indeed it is the only strategy that has allowed a mass-casualty attack by foreigners on the American homeland since the War of 1812. The Jihadist strategy of embracing death negates “Mutually Assured Destruction” tactics, it negates traditional military tactics, it negates traditional diplomatic tactics, and it requires new thinking and strategy based on the reality of the Jihadist ideology.Fighting an enemy whose focus is supernatural and who “loves death” is first and foremost an ideological war. This must be the same ideological war that our law enforcement are led to believe that they have no role in. Traditional warfare tactics will have the same limited results as they would in fighting an enemy army of the undead, as the concept of death itself being a worst case result is not a part of the Jihadist ideology.

America and the West remain in denial regarding the supernatural nature of the enemy’s ideology. Viewing the enemy only as “terrorists” is fighting with blinders on.

Read it all.

The death cult nature of Jihadism and Political Islam makes the ideological battle against them interesting, to say the least. Death cultists such as members of Al Qaeda who seek their evil form of martyrdom have been inoculated against homesickness, brotherly feeling toward their fellow man, and other forms of leverage that might draw them back into the human family. It is possible that the only thing that can be done with them is to kill them before the evil parasites inside their psyches hatch into human bombs.

I do not know the full answer. However, I do know that any form of religious feeling that not only seeks out and sacralizes the death of the worshipper, but also elevates mass human sacrifice of all who are not fellow believers, a perfect example of evil and wickedness, to a good of the religion, is not in any way the worship of a good and kind God and cannot be treated as any sort of religion other than devil worship. The Aztec worship of Huitzilopochtli, the god of the smoking mirror, was wiped out because it was irredeemably wicked. The evidence concerning Jihadism isn’t all in, but initial returns indicate that it is equally evil, and must be excised from the body of humanity.

How to excise it is a hard problem.

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Leaving Islamic Fascism

Ed Hussain, former militant agitator for islamist causes in Londonistan, moved to Saudi Arabia with his wife and went through a process that ended up with Hussein being disgusted by Saudi Arabia, Arabs, Jihadism, and eventually rejecting Islamism. Now he believes not in Islamism, and moreover believes that Hizb ut-Tahrir and other Islamist groups should be banned in England and elsewhere.

  • He started with indoctrination into Islamism when he lived in England. He believed in segregation of the sexes, segregation of the races, veiled women, strict separation between Muslims and non-Muslims, sharia, jihad, dhimmi and jizya, overthrow of non-Islamic governments, reconquest of all formerly Islamic lands, a Caliphate, and conquest of the world for Islam.
  • Then he and his wife moved to Saudi Arabia to teach.
  • The propaganda that there is no racism in Islam came up against the fact that there is no more racist place than Saudi Arabia, and that Muslims are not equal if their skin is dark.
  • The propaganda that there is no sexism in Islam because women are covered came up against the fact that there is no land on earth that is more difficult for women to live in than Saudi Arabia. They cannot drive, they cannot leave their homes because they are likely to be kidnapped by sex-crazed Saudis, they cannot work or even leave the country. Hatred and objectification of women is endemic in Wahhabist Islam.
  • The propaganda that Islam is a religion of peace came up against the fact that the state sect of Wahhabism really does mandate the jihad of the sword against non-Muslims, or actually of non-Wahhabists, and prohibits those who believe in it from feeling any shared humanity with anyone who is not a Wahabbist Arab Muslim.
  • The propaganda that Islam respects facts came up against the widespread refusal of Wahabbists to believe anything bad about Muslims and to blame everything bad that happens on Jews, who are accused of engaging in the wildest conspiracies imaginable.
  • The propaganda that Jihad isn’t really criminal mass-murder and a wicked perversion of the religious impulse came up against the fact of 7/7/2005 in London, and the near death of the author’s sister who was nearly caught in one of the blasts. Combine this with the total callousness of Saudis after 7/7 for a shock to anyone who keeps an innate sense of morality or decency or goodness and acts on it.

The trick is not to recognize the wickedness and weakness of the Wahabbist Assassin ideology, an ideology that promotes death and hatred instead of life and love, but to find out how to spread this knowledge to Muslims to save the Muslims who already believe in the Assassins’ ideology, and to inoculate those who believe in a kind and humanist non-political Islam against the propaganda of the Islamists so they don’t fall for it when they encounter it.

h/t: Pajamas Media

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Hamid al-Ali: Cleric for Al Qaeda and other Jihadists

Hamid al-Ali, Assassin PriestThe Jamestown Foundation comes out with yet another important article.

Hamid bin Abdallah al-Ali is an influential Salafi cleric in Kuwait. He is designated by the U.S. government as a global terrorism financier and supporter, yet his website is registered in Vancouver in Washington state. Figures such as al-Ali are critical to the education and doctrine of Salafis—especially those that join the armed resistance of the jihadi movement—yet they often fall under the radar while they continue to radicalize thousands of followers. Part of the reason behind the lack of attention that clerics like al-Ali receive in the West is due to the pronounced cultural differences between opinion-makers in the United States and in the Muslim world. It would be hard to imagine a leading public figure in the United States composing lines of poetry, for example, in response to a security or political development.

Yet, among Arabs—and true as well of Salafi-Jihadis—poetry remains a respected form of expression and one lauded by the elite. One of al-Ali’s poems, entitled “These Lines Were Composed By the Sheikh upon Hearing the News of Iran’s Nuclear Announcement,” published on on April 10, was read by more than 6,300 users. The poem offered al-Ali’s historical perspectives on Iran’s potential rise to power (in a fashion typical of his strong position against Shiite Muslims). However, the dense religious rhetoric typical of Salafi clerics, more than anything, prevents the West from understanding the message and importance of these individuals.

As one of the leading public Salafi personas in the Arab and Muslim world, al-Ali frequently comments—and sways Muslim opinion—on a variety of critical issues. He is outspoken about Iraq and the direction in which jihadi groups are moving the country; he regularly calls for unity among Salafi and jihadi groups; and he encourages the mujahideen to adhere strictly to the doctrine of the Salafiyya. His fatwas, articles and sermons have been received by hundreds of thousands of Arabic-speaking Muslims. Yet, he is perhaps most famous for his fatwa, issued in early 2001, sanctioning suicide bombings—and specifically the flying of aircraft into targets during such operations.

Clerics such as Hamid al-Ali are clerics in the same way that Christian priests or ministers are in the west. In Islam, religion is government and government religion. The only leader to be respected is a devout Moslem. Whether he rules wisely or ruins his country is irrelevant, as long as he follows the Koran. Islam is profoundly political, especially when interpreted the traditional Wahabbist (aka Salafist) way, or Deobandist (that’s the Taliban), or Khomeinist (that’s Hizballah and other Iranian militants).

Hamid al-Ali didn’t stop at condoning the 9/11 attacks (ahead of time). He has gone on to recruit jihadists for the Al Qaeda insurrection in Iraq, and also against the government of his own country Kuwait.

In January 2005, arrests by Kuwaiti security forces uncovered a Kuwaiti al-Qaeda cell planning attacks within the country. The arrests also led to evidence that al-Ali had been actively recruiting Kuwaiti youth for jihad in Iraq and in his home country [3]. The U.S. Treasury Department also maintains that al-Ali provided funds to training camps in Kuwait and posted technical assistance on explosives making and other training materials to his website. Yet, the specific acts of support to local terrorist groups pale in comparison to the effect he has had on countless Muslims guided by his teachings. His rulings and commentary on current events and political issues—like his contemporaries Abu Muhammad al-Maqdisi and Abu Basir al-Tartusi—frame the debate among Salafis, and between them and other Muslims.

Fellows like Hamid al-Ali must be exposed for what they are: Extremist preachers of the wicked perversion known as Jihad, inspirations and apologists for Al Qaeda, who wish to use modern weapons to force a medieval way of life on the Islamic world first, and then on the rest of the world.

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