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Non-existent details of Gitmo abuse

IHT, Mauritanian Guantanamo detainee details abuse, says Americans desecrated Quran

Though never tortured himself, Mohamed Lemine Ould Sidi Mohamed compared his detention to torture, telling The Associated Press in an interview: “Humiliating words against religion and against Muslims were a kind of currency they used every day.”

When a writer uses a verb like “details” for a prisoner’s description of his treatment, the reader expects to find some personal experience and details among the descriptions. But not this time. Mohammed squared (M2) is different.

“We respect and support the detainees’ right to worship,” a Guantanamo spokesman, Navy Cmdr. Rick Haupt, said Friday, adding that the military provides the men there with prayer rugs and prayer along with Qurans in multiple languages.

“Allegations from detainees is common behavior and in keeping with tactics taught to al-Qaida members through their training guide,” he said.

See the Manchester Document for an early example of this.

M2 doesn’t know why he was arrested. “I’s innocent I tells you. Innocent! Innocent!”

“I spent five years in Guantanamo, but I don’t know anyone in al-Qaida and I have no relations with those people,” Mohamed said.

He doesn’t know anyone in Al Qaeda who was at the prison, but he knows what he believes.

Mohamed said he was not abused himself at Guantanamo, but he believed others were. “Each time people were interrogated, we heard the screams caused by torture,” he said.

M2 wasn’t tortured. People talked mean to him and stepped on a book that he thought was the Koran. But he’s sure that people were tortured when they were interrogated, even though it didn’t happen to him.

What is wrong with the media who published this non-story? Why is this even in the IHT? Who believes this stuff?

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Unit 731

Way back in World War 2, the west saw Japan as a force for evil in the world. Unit 731, under the command of Dr. Shiro Ishii, was a perfect example of what this meant. The Daily Mail has the story.

Human beings used for experiments were nicknamed “maruta” or “logs” because the cover story given to the local authorities was that Unit 731 was a lumber mill. Logs were inert matter, a form of plant life, and that was how the Japanese regarded the Chinese “bandits”, “criminals” and “suspicious persons” brought in from the surrounding countryside.

Shackled hand and foot, they were fed well and exercised regularly. “Unless you work with a healthy body you can’t get results,” recalled a member of the Unit.

But the torture inflicted upon them is unimaginable: they were exposed to phosgene gas to discover the effect on their lungs, or given electrical charges which slowly roasted them. Prisoners were decapitated in order for Japanese soldiers to test the sharpness of their swords.

Others had limbs amputated to study blood loss – limbs that were sometimes stitched back on the opposite sides of the body. Other victims had various parts of their brains, lungs or liver removed, or their stomach removed and their oesophagus reattached to their intestines.

Kamada, one of several veterans who felt able to speak out after the death of Emperor Hirohito, remembered extracting the plague-infested organs of a fully conscious “log” with a scalpel.

“I inserted the scalpel directly into the log’s neck and opened the chest,” he said. “At first there was a terrible scream, but the voice soon fell silent.”

Not only were the victims dehumanized, treated as wood for the mill, but the experiments for which they were used were in support of weaponizing anthrax and the black plague.

Japan’s prime minister Hideki Tojo, who was executed for war crimes in 1948, personally presented an award to Ishii for his contribution in developing biological weapons. Vast quantities of anthrax and bubonic plague bacteria were stored at Unit 731. Ishii manufactured plague bombs which could spread fatal diseases far and wide. Thousands of white rats were bred as plague carriers, and fleas introduced to feed on them.

Plague fleas were then encased in bombs, with which Japanese troops launched biological attacks on reservoirs, wells and agricultural areas.

Infected clothing and food supplies were also dropped. Villages and whole towns were afflicted with cholera, anthrax and the plague, which between them killed over the years an estimated 400,000 Chinese.

One victim, Huang Yuefeng, aged 28, had no idea that by pulling his dead friend’s socks on his feet before burying him he would be contaminated.

All he knew was that the dead were all around him, covered in purple splotches and lying in their own vomit. Yuefeng was lucky: he was removed from a quarantine centre by a friendly doctor and nursed back to health.

But four relatives died. Yuefeng told Time magazine: “I hate the Japanese so much that I cannot live with them under the same sky.”

The plague bombing was suspended after the fifth bacterial bombing when the wind changed direction and 1,700 Japanese troops were killed.

Before Japan surrendered, Ishii and army leaders were planning to carry the war to the U.S. They proposed using “balloon bombs” loaded with biological weapons to carry cattle plague and anthrax on the jet stream to the west coast of America.

These days, evil is an unpopular word. It’s thought to be not wrong, so much as tacky. Good is an unpopular idea as well, but evil is just too extreme, too very too, to be believed when a simple “not good” can be substituted. However, in the face of real torture factories or experimental germ warfare death camps “not good” is simply not good enough. The least word that will suffice is “evil.”

And that’s the way it is.

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A Real Torture Manual

See a real Torture Manual featuring a Baathist looking torturer, as found at an Al-Qaeda torture and murder house where US soldiers freed five Iraqis who had been held and tortured. It’s at the Smoking Gun. You can stand looking at it, and should. The torture instruction cartoons are gruesome but the photos of the torture victims are not excessively icky. I’ve seen worse in horror movies. It’s important to remember the goals and methods used by the Jihadist assassins, for they are what the global Counterjihad is all about.

Compare it to Abu Ghraib and Guantonomo. Were Abu Ghraib or Guantonomo prisoners showing off any bloody purple wounds? Which one is torture?

h/t: Little Green Footballs

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Terror Camp at Recsk, Hungary

Brussels Journal has a heart-breaking article full of recollections about the Terror Camp at Recsk (Hungarian /cs/ is pronounced /tch/, so /Recsk/ is pronounced /Wretchk/) after Hungary became Stalinist in 1948.

Now, to a few sobering remarks for those who find what follows insane and as such hard to believe. Terror might strike irrationally – as it, indeed, has since liquidation by categories became government policy. Unlike its official justification, terror is, in itself, rational. The less predictable the more effectively it controls an intimidated society paralyzed by it. The writer recalls adults discussing why we were where we were. The attempts to discover the policy so as to guess our fate have failed for they did not realize that terror is, in itself, a policy. Even when the enemy seemed to be clearly defined it was in fact not so. A leading Nazi said “I determine who is a Jew.” Had the war ended with National Socialist victory, the implications – everybody was a potential “Jew” – would have been devastating for many who thought themselves to be safe.

Some of the lunacy encountered will cause smiles. A case in point is the fate of the recently deceased George Faludy, arguably Hungary’s greatest modern poet. (His CV: as a secular leftist Jew he achieves prominence when around twenty. Emigrates to escape the Nazis, becomes a U.S. soldier and returns after the war to Hungary to “build democracy”. He winds up in Recsk and flees after Moscow crushes the Revolution of 1956. Faludy returned to Hungary after the collapse of Soviet rule.) This is how he relates his road to Recsk: after the pick up by State Security (AVH) he was taken to Andrássy Street 60. [The feared-famous building once the HQ of the Nazi Arrow Cross Party. Expanded by the buildings around it, “60” fittingly became the Communist AVH’s (State Security) base. Today “No. 60” houses the House of Terror museum that is strongly resented by the Left.]

After “treatment” the famous kid was taken to Gabriel Péter, the AVH‘s boss. Faludy, still not understanding the process, asked whether he had read his file. It got a glance.

“Is there a rational allegation in it?”


“So I get out.”

“No, they brought you in and this is where you will croak.”


“We do not need idiots.”

“Why am I an idiot?”

Péter grabs his blood soaked shirt to shake Faludy: “You ask this, you, the dummy who came back from America into this sh.t.” (source)

In the face of state terror, Kafkaesque humor becomes the most rational, hopeful response available. Continue reading