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Somali Parliament Fires ICU running dog, EU Idiocrats Whine

Salad Duhul of the AP reports today that the Somali Parliament has taken action to fire a lawmaker who was closely associated with the Al Qaeda-associated Islamic Courts Union.

MOGADISHU, Somalia (AP) — The Somali parliament stripped the speaker position Wednesday from a top lawmaker who was closely associated with the recently ousted Islamic movement, a move the European Union said was disappointing and could hurt reconciliation efforts in the restive country.

Diplomats said the fired speaker, Sharif Hassan Sheik Aden, was capable of pulling together moderate elements in Somalia’s Islamic movement. (source)

The EU idiocrats have forgotten two things.

  1. Hard-Line Muslims like the ICU are way more conservative than conservative Christians. They are even more conservative than Fascists like Mussolini and more terrifying in their totalitarianism than Nazis and Stalinists. The EU should be all over the prospect of charging scumbags like Sheik Aden with hate speech crimes and other hokum.
  2. There are no moderate elements in Somalia’s Islamic Courts Union movement. They all want to establish an emirate under strict Sharia law that oppresses women, punishes atheists and homosexuals with death, and crushes reason and dissent. See Iran and Saudi Arabia. There can be no negotiation, no meeting of the minds with those who advocate jihad and sharia.

Silly Eurocrats.

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Eritrea has raised the Jolly Roger, Officially a Terrorist State

Daniel McKivergan reports in the Worldwide Standard today:

The extent of the cooperation between Eritrea and the ICU is only now coming to light. Daveed Gartenstein-Ross posted a story on Pajamas Media this weekend on the alliance between the two:

Ethiopia’s longtime rival, Eritrea, had troops in the country for about four months prior to [the Ethiopian invasion]. A confidential UN report drafted by the Monitoring Group on Somalia in late 2006 says that “2000 fully equipped combat troops from Eritrea” arrived to the north of Mogadishu in late August, and redeployed to different areas held by the ICU. According to high-level sources in Somalia’s transitional government and U.S. intelligence, these Eritrean troops never left the country–a development unknown to American policymakers until today.

It seems reasonable to conclude then that the ICU’s rise can best be explained by Eritrea’s support for it, rather than as the result of an indigenous yearning for Islamic order. That the ICU is closely linked to al Qaeda is beyond doubt, but this fact seems not to have concerned the Eritreans in the least. Now, in addition to collaborating with terrorist organizations, Eritrea is making direct threats in an attempt to deter further American involvement in Somalia.

When countries threaten the U.S., the U.S. should have the respect to take those threats seriously. As pointed out in the article, the U.S. provides some military aid to Eritrea. This should be halted immediately and Eritrea handed a bill for back training obtained under false pretenses.

It’s nice to dream isn’t it?

At the least, the U.S. must halt aid to Eritrea immediately, including military, economic and humanitarian aid.

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Lots Going on in Mogadishu

See the AP dispatch here.

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Kenya’s Threat From Somalia

From the Kumekucha blog:

So what is the worse we can expect from the Somalia crisis? The probability is high that we might see terror attacks on key installations in Kenya launched by remnants of the fallen Islamic courts outfit that ruled a significant chunk of Somalia until the Ethiopians rolled into town last week. Even more likely will be escalating violent crime involving weapons spilling over from the Somalia crisis. More so in view of the fact that one of their major fund-raising activities of piracy off the Indian Ocean coast has been curtailed by heavy American presence and patrols currently taking place there.

Though leavened with a small dose of anti-American conspiracy theory, this is a pretty good analysis from the Kenyan perspective of possible fall-out from the Ethiopian overthrow of the Islamic Courts Union of Somalia.

h/t: Ndesanjo Macha at Global Voices Online

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More Misery in Somalia

As if the recent conquest of Somalia by the incredibly oppressive and brutal African Taliban and liberation from them by Ethiopian forces working in tandem with American trainers wasn’t enough misery for a country, now Spero News reports that Rift Valley Fever, a dangerous bleeding disease, appears to be spreading from Kenya to the Lower Juba Region of Somalia.

Fighting in southern Somalia has hampered efforts to confirm a possible spread of Rift Valley Fever (RVF) from neighbouring Kenya to the Lower Juba Region where seven people have died after showing symptoms of the rare, contagious haemorrhagic disease, Somali health officials said.

The deaths were reported in Dobley, 18 km north of the Kenyan border, in the last five days. “The dead are mainly nomadic herders,” said Hassan Mursal, a clinical officer in nearby Afmadow hospital. “The number could be higher but because of the current insecurity in the area there is no way of getting the full picture.”

Mahamud Haji Hassan Jabra, an epidemiologist with the European Union-funded Somali Animal Health Service Project, said numerous reports of animal abortions – a key indicator of the disease – had been received from the area. But plans to send two teams to verify the outbreak would only go ahead once the security situation allowed.

“Our focal point in the area has reported the clinical signs of the disease but we need to confirm this by testing the samples collected,” he said. “If it turns out to be RVF it will have a devastating impact on the livelihoods of the pastoralists, who have suffered two years of drought followed by heavy flooding.”

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