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Cuban Nuclear Missile Crisis Part II

Nobody expected a flashback to 46 years ago. But here it is from Breitbart.

Russia would cross “a red line for the United States of America” if it were to base nuclear capable bombers in Cuba, a top US air force officer warned on Tuesday.

“If they did I think we should stand strong and indicate that is something that crosses a threshold, crosses a red line for the United States of America,” said General Norton Schwartz, nominated to be the air force’s chief of staff.

He was referring to a Russian news report that said the military is thinking of flying long-range bombers to Cuba on a regular basis.

Everything old is new again.


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JFK’s Assassination from the Texas Schoolbook Depository to the Mitrokhin Archive

Lt. Gen. Ion Mihai Pacepa, the highest ranking intelligence officer ever to have defected from the Soviet bloc, states:

In the 1990s, retired KGB officer Vasily Mitrokhin, helped by the British MI6, smuggled ca 25,000 pages of highly confidential KGB documents out of Moscow. They represent a minuscule part of the KGB archive, estimated to be some 27 billion pages (the East German Stasi archive had 3 billion). Nevertheless, the FBI described the Mitrokhin Archive as “the most complete and extensive intelligence ever received from any source.” According to this archive, the first American book on the assassination, Oswald: Assassin or Fall Guy?, which blames the CIA and the FBI for the crime, was masterminded by the KGB. The book’s author, Joachim Joesten, a German-born American communist, spent five days in Dallas after the assassination, then went to Europe and disappeared from sight. A few months later Joesten’s book was published by American communist Carlo Aldo Marzani (New York), who received $80,000 from the KGB to produce pro-Soviet books, plus an annual $10,000 to advertise them aggressively. Other documents in the Mitrokhin Archive identify the first American reviewer of this book, Victor Perlo, as an undercover KGB operative.

Joesten’s book was dedicated to American Mark Lane, described in the Mitrokhin Archive as a leftist who anonymously received money from the KGB. In 1966 Lane published the bestseller Rush to Judgment, alleging that Kennedy was killed by a right-wing American group. These two books encouraged people with any remotely related background expertise to join the fray. Each viewed events from his own perspective, but all accused elements in the U.S. of that crime. New Orleans district attorney Jim Garrison looked around his home district and in 1967 arrested a local man, whom he accused of conspiring with elements of U.S. intelligence to murder Kennedy in order to stop the latter’s efforts to end the Cold War. The accused was acquitted in 1969, but Garrison clung to his story, first writing A Heritage of Stone (Putnam, 1970) and eventually publishing On the Trail of the Assassins (Sheriden Square, 1988), one of the books that inspired Oliver Stone’s movie JFK.

The Kennedy assassination conspiracy was born—and it never died. According to another document, in April 1977 KGB chairman Yury Andropov informed the Politburo that the KGB was launching a new desinformatsiya campaign to further implicate “American special services” in the Kennedy assassination. Unfortunately, the Mitrokhin Archive is silent on the subject after that.

As I said a few months ago, “the answer that resulted from the process of investigation and trial was correct, but not politically correct according to the Marxist paradigm of the hippie left.” Now we have an ex-Soviet intelligence officer who states that the reason for the conspiracy theorizing is a Soviet disinformation operation.

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Moscow Women getting hitched to Muslim Men

From Paul Goble at Window on Eurasia:

Vienna, August 21 – A significant fraction of ethnic Russian women in Moscow are choosing to marry Muslim men — at least in part because the latter typically do not smoke or drink, want several children, and are prepared to work to suppor t their families, according to researchers at the Russian Academy of Science.
During the first half of 2007, there were more than 60,000 marriages in the Russian capital, a quarter of which were between native Muscovite – typically an ethnic Russian woman — and a citizen of a neighboring country – more often than not a man from Azerbaijan or Central Asia.And partially as a result of this trend – and not just the Kremlin’s current pro-natalist policies — Russian demographers say, the number of births is increasing: During the first six months of this year, there were 48,225 newborns in Moscow, some 2438 more than in the same period a year earlier

The article goes on to hit pretty hard at ethnic Russian men.

Olga Kurbatova, a senior scholar at the Vavilov Institute of General Genetics, noted that “girls in the capital see in migrants precisely the model of a real man: in practice, they don’t drink, especially Muslims like the Chechens, Ingush and Azerbaijanis,” they work hard, they are able to support a family and they want children.”“Many of our [ethnic] Russian men,” she noted, are “exactly the opposite” with regard to each of these highly valued characteristics.

In other words, Moscow’s women won’t marry Russian men because they (Russian men) are lazy drunks who can’t support a family and don’t want kids. Any Russian men out there, now you know what the problem is and it’s up to you to find a solution.

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A Russian Reason to Ban the Burka

My child, upon seeing a stranger in a burka, asked “why is that person dressed like a thief?”

The burka should be banned in all civilized lands. The burka is an excellent full-body and full-face disguise under which men can pose as women and also carry weapons and other items. The latest evidence is from Afghanistan.

A Russian citizen has been arrested in Afghanistan as a suspected associate of terrorists, the Iranian hews agency IRNA reported on Monday.

It said the man identified as Andrei, who professes Islam, and two citizens of Afghanistan had been arrested in the province of Paktia near the border with Pakistan.

A representatives of the Paktia authorities said they had been arrested after about 500 kilograms of explosives had been found in their automobile.

The Russian man allegedly told police he had entered Afghanistan from Pakistan after trips to Egypt, Turkey, and Iran. He planned to travel to Tajikistan from Afghanistan and then to Russia.

According to police, all three men were wearing women’s clothes.

H/T: Jihad Watch.

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Circling the Wagons around Iran’s Fire

Though Iran isn’t covered in the American press all that much, in the world press right now it is at the center of almost every major story involving the Muslim world.

What Happened?

What Does it Mean?
Pakistan’s president Musharraf was in Iran this week to meet with President Ahmadinajad and Ayatollah Khamenei. His stated goal was to unify the ummah (a political union of muslim peoples). This project is called the IPI (Islamic Peace Initiative?). They also discussed a natural gas pipeline project from Iran to Pakistan.

Meaning: The ummah is not unified. Specifically Iran does not see eye-to-eye with other Muslim countries. Other Muslim countries think this should be fixed.

Musharraf then flew from Tehran to Ankara Turkey for a visit to discuss Iraq, Afghanistan, and a Muslim Middle East peace plan.

He has already held talks with the leaders of Egypt, Jordan, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Syria and the United Arab Emirates to seek backing for his peace initiative. (source)

Meaning: Musharraf is serious about his peace plan.

Perhaps he sees himself as the Muslim Jimmy Carter. Yes, I’m being sarcastic.

A team of Iranians and Saudis intervened to defuse a general strike called by Hizballah in Lebanon. Prince Bander visited Tehran in the past month. In mid-January, Iranian nuclear figure Ali Larijani visited Saudi Arabia to talk about the Iranian nuclear program (and perhaps about Saudi Arabia’s nuclear plans).

Meaning: Cooperation between Iran and Saudi Arabia is a surprise, and bears watching closely.

Saudi Arabia is shedding its usual program of behind-the-scenes checkbook diplomacy and taking a more public role in negotiations.

  • Hosting Hamas and Fatah in Mecca for talks to hopefully lead to a national unity government.
  • Secret meetings with Israel to talk about a single State in Israel (not acceptable for Israel)
  • Support of Siniora’s government in Lebanon against the Hizballah coup attempt.
  • Support of Sunni tribes in Iraq in the face of increased sectarian killings by the Badr and Sadr militias.
  • Taking seriously the rumors that Iranian Shi’ites are trying to convert Sunnis.
  • Attempts to lower the price of oil.

The U.S. is encouraging this move.

The shift is occurring with encouragement from the Bush administration. Its goal is to see an American-backed alliance of Sunni Arab states including Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Lebanon and Egypt, along with a Fatah-led Palestine and Israel, opposing Iran, Syria and the radical groups they support. (source)

Meaning: Saudi Arabia has realized that Iran is attempting to become the new king of the mountain in the ummah. Saudi Arabia plans to replace Egypt as the new leader of the Muslim world.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said to Der Speigel that Iran must play a crucial part in the recovery of stability in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Palestine. He rejected utterly the possibility of violence against Iran.

“Violence leads to a dead end alley for which Iraq, Lebanon and Somalia are examples. It always leads to a worsening of problems,” the Russian official said. (source)

Meaning: Iran is a nuclear client state of Russia and Russia is running static for it.

Ayatollah Khamenei has said that Iran is ready to share its gas reservers with “Muslim brotherly countries, including Pakistan.”

‘Iran is also rich in gas and we are ready to allow Muslim brotherly countries, including Pakistan, to benefit from Iran’s reserves and facilities,’ IRNA quoted Khamenei as saying while referring to the project for laying a pipeline to transfer gas from Iran to India via Pakistan.

He also insisted on unity and solidarity among the Muslim nations. Khamenei was critical of the US and Britain for their support to Israel, which he felt, has allowed the Jewish state to ‘oppress’ Palestine.

‘Any plan on the Middle East will be successful only when it prevents US bullying and puts an end to Zionists’ crimes,’ he said. (source)

Meaning: Pakistan is considering breaking with the U.S. and siding with Iran.

What is the deeper meaning to be found in all this activity around Iran and Pakistan?

  • The trendline of Israel and the United States is going downward.
    • Israel lost face last summer in the war against Hizballah. Hizballah lost many fighters, but Israel has not gotten Ehud Goldwasser or Eldad Regev back. Hizballah has rearmed openly with assistance from Iran and Syria. Israel’s weakness invites exploitation from those who would further weaken it, or destroy it utterly.
    • Toxic domestic politics and destructive, alienated media in the U.S. are hamstringing U.S. efforts to pacify and rebuild Iraq and Afghanistan. When both houses of Congress swung to the Democrats in 2006 the stormclouds on the horizon were obvious. Now Democrats are doing everything they can to undermine the President and the armed forces. The plan in Iraq has been to withdraw without establishing security. They oppose the words “staying the course,” yet they intend to continue withdrawing without establishing security, which is in fact staying the course. All this makes the U.S. appear weak in the eyes of the entire Muslim world.
  • The trendline of Iran is going up.
    • Iran is developing nuclear weapons and spitting in the eye of the increasingly weak U.N. Security Council.
    • Iran is attacking and killing Americans and Iraqis inside Iraq, which is an embarrassment to the U.S. Need I mention that Iran’s invasion of the U.S. sovereign territory of the U.S. Embassy in Tehran in 1979 has never been punished?
    • Iran indoctrinated, trained and supplied Hizballah which has embarrassed Israel.
    • Iran has been hosting Al Qaeda ever since 2001, promoting cross-border terrorism in Afghanistan, and allowing Jihadists such as Zarqawi free passage and supply lines through Iran.
    • If Iran obtains hegemony in Iraq as it might if the U.S. withdraws too quickly, then it will have a free hand to wage the same kind of war it has been waging against Iraq in Afghanistan, thus dooming the NATO mission there.
    • Iran is willing to act ruthlessly, and is not bound by any self-destructive rules of engagement.
    • Iran continues to threaten to destroy Israel and America to no repercussions.
  • Pakistan is thinking about abandoning the U.S. and allying with Iran instead. This would leave NATO in Afghanistan surrounded by hostile countries, with safe havens for Al Qaeda and Taliban across the Pakistani and Iranian borders and not even the level of cooperation that Pakistan has been supplying so far.

All this must lighten the hearts of Jihadist Vampires and their preachers of Jihad and fill them with dreams of a world-wide KKKaliphate with a monster like Osama bin Laden as the KKKaliph.

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Terror Camp at Recsk, Hungary

Brussels Journal has a heart-breaking article full of recollections about the Terror Camp at Recsk (Hungarian /cs/ is pronounced /tch/, so /Recsk/ is pronounced /Wretchk/) after Hungary became Stalinist in 1948.

Now, to a few sobering remarks for those who find what follows insane and as such hard to believe. Terror might strike irrationally – as it, indeed, has since liquidation by categories became government policy. Unlike its official justification, terror is, in itself, rational. The less predictable the more effectively it controls an intimidated society paralyzed by it. The writer recalls adults discussing why we were where we were. The attempts to discover the policy so as to guess our fate have failed for they did not realize that terror is, in itself, a policy. Even when the enemy seemed to be clearly defined it was in fact not so. A leading Nazi said “I determine who is a Jew.” Had the war ended with National Socialist victory, the implications – everybody was a potential “Jew” – would have been devastating for many who thought themselves to be safe.

Some of the lunacy encountered will cause smiles. A case in point is the fate of the recently deceased George Faludy, arguably Hungary’s greatest modern poet. (His CV: as a secular leftist Jew he achieves prominence when around twenty. Emigrates to escape the Nazis, becomes a U.S. soldier and returns after the war to Hungary to “build democracy”. He winds up in Recsk and flees after Moscow crushes the Revolution of 1956. Faludy returned to Hungary after the collapse of Soviet rule.) This is how he relates his road to Recsk: after the pick up by State Security (AVH) he was taken to Andrássy Street 60. [The feared-famous building once the HQ of the Nazi Arrow Cross Party. Expanded by the buildings around it, “60” fittingly became the Communist AVH’s (State Security) base. Today “No. 60” houses the House of Terror museum that is strongly resented by the Left.]

After “treatment” the famous kid was taken to Gabriel Péter, the AVH‘s boss. Faludy, still not understanding the process, asked whether he had read his file. It got a glance.

“Is there a rational allegation in it?”


“So I get out.”

“No, they brought you in and this is where you will croak.”


“We do not need idiots.”

“Why am I an idiot?”

Péter grabs his blood soaked shirt to shake Faludy: “You ask this, you, the dummy who came back from America into this sh.t.” (source)

In the face of state terror, Kafkaesque humor becomes the most rational, hopeful response available. Continue reading

Problems, we got Problems

Richard A. “Dick” Clarke opines in the pages of the Washington Post about the other national security issues that have been forced out of consideration because of the complexity and difficulty of the Global Counterjihad.

Without the distraction of the Iraq war, the administration would have spent this past year — indeed, every year since Sept. 11, 2001 — focused on al-Qaeda. But beyond al-Qaeda and the broader struggle for peaceful coexistence with (and within) Islam, seven key “fires in the in-box” national security issues remain unattended, deteriorating and threatening, all while Washington’s grown-up 7-year-olds play herd ball with Iraq. […]

As the president contemplates sending even more U.S. forces into the Iraqi sinkhole, he should consider not only the thousands of fatalities, the tens of thousands of casualties and the hundreds of billions of dollars already lost. He must also weigh the opportunity cost of taking his national security barons off all the other critical problems they should be addressing — problems whose windows of opportunity are slamming shut, unheard over the wail of Baghdad sirens.

Read the original article for Clarke’s thoughts. My thoughts are here.

  1. Global Warming: It is a significant scientific problem, and a huge political problem. It needs to be addressed aggressively with the voice of reason so that Al Gore and the luddites are not the only voice in the game.
  2. Russia: Putin and his cronies are rolling back freedoms left and right as they attempt to reform the Soviet Empire by annexing former Soviet colonies. It was an insult to the G8 for Putin to be president of the organization last year. Russia is not a free country or a free economy and it is becoming a neighborhood bully again.
  3. Latin America: Two words: Hugo Chavez. Two more: Evo Morales. Two more: Daniel Ortega. Two more: Illegal Immigration. Hezbullah terror cells are active in Brazil and Argentina. MS-13, narco-terror, a communist resurgence. This is our own backyard. The American economy is tied closely to South and Central America. This region is too close to be ignored so thoroughly.
  4. Africa at war: Somalia and Sudan are huge problems, as is Nigeria and Liberia. But… the US has been working behind the curtains while nobody was looking. Let the Democrats bang their heads against the wall trying to get the UN to commit some troops to Darfur and Chad to protect the black Muslims from the Arab Muslims. In the meantime, US advisors can assist the few good governments in Africa to help turn back the Jihad tide.
  5. WMD Arms Control: North Korea and Iran have been tag-teaming the US and EU on nukes. The US hasn’t taken the opportunity to respond strongly.
  6. Transnational crime: While both MS-13 and the bumper crop of heroin in Afghanistan are problems, I do not think this is a separate problem as does Clarke. When crime finances terrorism, it is a Counterjihad problem. When crime destabilizes governments in South America, it’s a problem for the State Department along with all the other problems in Central and South America.
  7. The Pakistan-Afghan border: The problem here is not the border, though if Pakistan mines the border it would certainly cause lots of problems. The problem is that Pakistan is not serious about stopping Al Qaeda. Al Qaeda financiers, organizers, and jihad trainers roam freely in Quetta and other Pakistani cities with papers allowing them free passage even into military facilities. Pakistan is a nuclear armed enemy that pretends to be an ally. The US needs to stop pandering to Jihadists and their supporters (in Pakistan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Syria, Lebanon, and at home in America) and start giving support to the reformers of Islam, those who want to bring forward a humane, liberal Islam instead of the inhuman, oppressive Islam of the Wahhabists and Khomeinists.

And of course Clarke leaves off what I believe is the biggest invisible national security issue of all: Energy Independence. The US needs a Manhattan Project for Energy with a multi-pronged approach to Energy Independence

  • More drilling in the Gulf of Mexico and Alaska
  • More nuclear power
  • Solar power
  • Wind power, Geothermal, and Wave Power
  • Plug-in hybrid automobiles
  • Energy company deregulation and competition
  • Micro-generation (encourage consumers to sell-back electricity to power companies, especially during high-load times)
  • Tax incentives for telecommuting

And one more thing that needs to be done sometime soon, not for national security reasons but because it is the right thing to do. Bad laws need to be taken off the books because bad laws damage the economy and encourage people to break the law.

  • Repeal Sarbanes-Oxley
  • Repeal McCain-Feingold
  • Pass Legislation that overturns Kelo

Also see Memeorandum; Liberal Values; HuffPo; Economist’s View.

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