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Kuntzel on the Iranian Antisemitic Martyr State

Matthias Küntzel lays out the scary truth about Iranian hopes, particularly those of Mahmoud AhmediNajad.

In his first major speech, in October 2005, the one that gained him notoriety, Ahmadinejad declared that the Zionist regime in Israel “must be eliminated from the pages of history.” Many will recall this quote. But only very few people have read the rest of the speech and so understood the context of the threat. Let me please quote just three more sentences of this famous talk.In it, Ahmadinejad said: “We are in the process of a historical war between the World of Arrogance and the Islamic world, and this war has been going on for hundreds of years.”

So as we can see, the roots of this “historical war” have nothing to do with Israel or the Middle East conflict. The speaker views the destruction of Israel as a stage in a war that started long before the foundation of Israel. But what is meant by “World of Arrogance”? I will come back to this point.

He also said: “We have to understand the depth of the disgrace of the enemy, until our holy hatred expands continuously and strikes like a wave.” Here a religiously inspired feeling of superiority is contrasted with the “depth of the disgrace of the enemy”. But the notion of a “holy hatred” is also striking. This hatred is unconditional: it cannot be moderated through any kind of Western or Jewish behavior. It currently expresses itself in the first instance as hatred of a recalcitrant and rather pro-Western Iranian people that has to be silenced through stonings, public executions, mass arrests, torture and censorship. Above and beyond this, the expression of this “holy hatred” is destined to “expand continuously” to a global level and to overwhelm the world like a mighty tsunami.

Third and final quotation from the speech: “In this very grave war, many people are trying to scatter grains of desperation and hopelessness. They ask: ‘Is it possible for us to witness a world without America and Zionism?’ But you had best know that this goal is attainable, and surely can be achieved.”

Imagine if the leader of a medium-sized Western country, for example Mr Berlusconi, the former Italian head of government, had made a speech in which he talked about a historical war against the Islamic world, denounced the “depth of the Islamic world’s disgrace”, summoned up Christianity’s “holy hatred” of Islam and finally pronounced the goal of erasing Saudi Arabia and Pakistan from the map realizable.

The entire talk is wonderfully argued. Read it all. I will only extract a few more ideas from it for reference, and to convey the four key characteristics of this Iranian Holy War against the world, which should be differentiated from the less dangerous but no-less objectionable Salafist/Al-Qaeda Holy War against the world.

The world beyond is more important than this one

During the Iran-Iraq War of 1980-1988, the semi-official Iranian daily Ettela’at wrote the following:

In the past, we had child-volunteers: 14-, 15-, and 16-year-olds. They went into the minefields. Their eyes saw nothing. Their ears heard nothing. And then, a few moments later, one saw clouds of dust. When the dust had settled again, there was nothing more to be seen of them. Somewhere, widely scattered in the landscape, there lay scraps of burnt flesh and pieces of bone.” Such scenes could henceforth be avoided, Ettela’at assured its readers. “Before entering the mine fields, the children [now] wrap themselves in blankets and they roll on the ground, so that their body parts stay together after the explosion of the mines and one can carry them to the graves.”[2]

The children who thus rolled to their deaths formed part of the mass Basij movement that was called into being by Ayatollah Khomeini in 1979. They consisted of short-term volunteer militias and represented about 30 percent of the personnel on the battlefield. Most Basij members were between 12 and 18 years young. They went enthusiastically and by their thousands to their own destruction.


“The natural world,” Khomeini explained in October 1980, “is the lowest element, the scum of creation.” What is decisive is the beyond: the “divine world – that is eternal.”[4] According to Khomeini’s mindset, the martyrs’ death is nothing but the transition from this world to the world beyond, where they will live on eternally and in splendor.

Before Khomeini, for a Muslim deliberately to be sent to certain death was considered sacrilege within Islam.


Reason as sin

The second characteristic of the holy war relates to Islamist epistemology. I must admit that it took me a long time to understand this aspect. For us, the employment of reason is the most self-evident thing in the world. For Islamists the use of reason – apart from in the natural sciences – is an expression of arrogance – hence our castigation as the “World of Arrogance” – and an offence against God. Their starting point is that the Koran must be interpreted and applied literally. But evidently, any kind of reason-based doubt undermines such an approach to the Koran. As a result, doubt and conjecture are opposed.


Revolutionary mission

It is the Iranian leadership’s special sense of mission that propels them along the course toward confrontation with the West. “Our nation’s important mission” Ahmadinejad enthused only some days ago, “is to introduce the Islamic Revolution to the whole of mankind.”


Liberation through annihilation

The Iranian leaders do not at all regard themselves as antisemites.

“We are friends with the Jewish people”, stated Ahmadinejad in Columbia. Moreover, the 25,000 or so Jews in Iran represent the largest Jewish community in any Muslim country.

Nonetheless, Ahmadinejad’s rhetoric is steeped in an antisemitism not found in any state leader since World War II.

Ahmadinejad does not say “Jews” are conspiring to rule the world. Instead he says, “Two thousand Zionists want to rule the world.” Instead he says, “The Zionists” have for 60 years now blackmailed “all Western governments.” “The Zionists have imposed themselves on a substantial portion of the banking, financial, cultural, and media sectors.” “The Zionists” fabricated the Danish Muhammad cartoons. “The Zionists thrive on war and hatred,” Ahmadinejad claims. “Everywhere they exist there is war.”[18] The pattern is familiar. He invests the word “Zionist” with exactly the same meaning Hitler poured into “Jew”: the incarnation of evil. Anyone who makes Jews – whether as “Judas” or as “Zionist” – responsible for all the ills of the world is obviously driven by antisemitism. He must want to eliminate Israel, as the “germ of evil”, in order to save the world. He must deny the truth of the Holocaust in order to pave the way for his “truth”. The demonization of Jews, Holocaust denial, and the will to eliminate Israel – these are the three elements of an ideological constellation that collapses as soon as one of the elements is removed.


“The extermination of Jewry throughout the world”, declared a Nazi directive from 1943, is “the precondition for an enduring peace.”[20] Liberation through annihilation. This is similar to the mission that Islamism has set out upon whose first target is Israel. As Mahmoud Ahmadinejad put it, “The Zionist regime will be wiped out and humanity will be liberated.”[21]

He reiterated this belief in his most recent speech at the United Nations in September 2007: “The age of darkness will end”, he enthused to the General Assembly and “the peoples in Europe and America will be liberated from the burdens the Zionists have inflicted on them”.

So let me now sum up on this final point: There are other dictatorships in the world. But only in Iran are the fantasy-worlds of antisemitism and religious mission linked with technological megalomania and the physics of mass destruction. The specific danger presented by the Iranian nuclear option stems from the unique ideological atmosphere surrounding it – a mixture of holy war and high-tec, of antisemitism and weapons-grade uranium, of death-wish and missile research, of Shiite messianism and plutonium.


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Post-modernist Chomsky has trouble separating truth from falsehood

Noam Chomsky continues his Jew-baiting ways, this time while visiting Iran. Read all about it at Gateway Pundit.

The Iranian Mehr News is reporting on their exclusive interview with America-hating Leftist Noam Chomsky:

Noam Chomsky, a widely known intellectual and political activist, says an immediate punishment of Palestinians started “for the crime of not following orders” by Israel and U.S.

In an interview with the Mehr News Agency, Chomsky said, “Savage punishment of Palestinians by the U.S.-Israeli alliance” should come to an end.

Oy vey! What a yutzi pomo shmeckle he is! Look it up. His mother should be alive today to see what a self-hating Jew she raised.

h/t: Thomas Lifson


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Iranians received partial instructions for making core of atomic weapon

Last week’s NIE isn’t the last word on Iran’s nuclear ambitions. According to a new book, Iran obtained nuclear weapon plans from Pakistan starting in the late 1980s. From Reuters:

“The Nuclear Jihadist,” by Douglas Frantz and Catherine Collins, tells the story of how Pakistani engineer Adbul Qadeer Khan, the now disgraced father of Pakistan’s nuclear weapons program, developed an intricate supply network aimed at skirting sanctions and peddling uranium enrichment technology.

Khan’s network supplied Libya, Iran and North Korea with nuclear machinery and designs. Tehran’s dealings with the network at the time are one of the main riddles the UN nuclear watchdog in Vienna is trying to solve.

The book by the U.S. journalists says it was not Khan but German businessman Gotthard Lerch who persuaded Iran in 1987 to consider enriching uranium – a process of purifying it for use in power plants or weapons.

Lerch has been accused by German prosecutors of helping Khan supply Libya with restricted nuclear technology.

He and his lawyers protest innocence. Back to the story.

Frantz and Collins say a physicist from Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization visited Lerch’s office in Switzerland in 1987 to buy conventional weapons for Iran’s war against Iraq.

Lerch agreed to fill the order but insisted the Iranian watch a promotional film about his nuclear inventory. Lerch had known Khan from his days working at a German vacuum firm that sold Pakistan vacuum pumps for its enrichment program.

Several weeks later the Iranians said they were interested.

Lerch’s contacts with Iran came after Saddam Hussein’s Iraq began attacking Iranian troops with chemical weapons, which began to turn the tide of the long war against Tehran.

Lerch met the Iranians in Zurich and then arranged a follow-up meeting in Dubai where, the authors write, Iran was expected to pay $10 million as a down-payment for several Pakistani enrichment centrifuges from Khan and designs.

Among the items the Iranians received in Dubai were partial instructions for making the core of an atomic weapon. [emphasis mine]

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Parsing the NIE’s release: Check the timing

Inspired by the Belmont Club.

The latest unclassified NIE on the Iranian nuclear weapon program was released a couple of days before the New York Times released its latest treasonous intelligence leak from the classified NIE. Coincidence?

The NIE was a bombshell that turned Intelligence agencies’ opinions about Iran’s intentions around 180 degrees, and it was based on information from August 2007. This may have come from Asghari’s defection, or from one of several Quds force spies who were captured in Iraq, or from another source. By the way, Asghari defected but left his family behind in Iran. What kind of defector leaves his whole family behind? Only one who has no intention of revealing the truth: A double agent. Again, coincidence?

Bush is a good poker player. Some of his obscure moves have a purpose, no matter how nonsensical it seems. In this case he is making this play both for domestic political purposes and also to read his opponents’ hand. The release of the unclassified NIE had two purposes, to disarm the scoop the New York Treasonous Times was about to release, and to test the intelligence in the NIE. The NYT release identified a number of Iranian officials, not by name, but by function. The NYT was going to burn these intelligence sources, and by releasing the unclassified NIE the president was able to warn them before they were exposed. The NYT release would also turn the NIE into a powerful symbol the anti-American left could use against Bush and the military. Releasing the unclassified NIE disarmed the symbolic power of the leak.

If the NIE in combination with the NYT leak prompts a flurry of activity in Iran, or a new batch of Iranian counter-espionage killings then we know it’s valid and the Iranians really have not yet resumed nuclear weapon design despite continuing to produce weapons grade Uranium. If the ants don’t start boiling out of their nest then we know that Iran planted the info, the intelligence is highly probably to be dead wrong, and our troops can redouble their clandestine efforts assisting the rebels inside Iran while the Navy prepares for a bombing campaign.

Iran’s response so far is “tsk tsk, ho hum.”

Who is Keyser Soze? He is supposed to be Turkish. Some say his father was German. Nobody believed he was real. Nobody ever saw him or knew anybody that ever worked directly for him, but to hear Kobayashi tell it, anybody could have worked for Soze. You never knew. That was his power. The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.

Does the Devil exist? Is Iran pursuing nuclear weapons intent on using them against America and Israel? Does it intend to protect itself from invasion while sending waves of terrorist attacks out far and wide? Or does it intend to use nuclear weapons to threaten its neighbors and gain control over shipping through the Strait of Hormuz and gain a stranglehold on the world’s oil supply? Perhaps all these forms of Jihad are in the plans. Iran has demonstrated its commitment to Jihad since 1979.

What is the next move now?

Supposedly of Turkish nationality but the son of a German father, Söze allegedly began his criminal career in Turkey as a low-level drug smuggler. The entity that is Keyser Söze was truly born, however, when rival smugglers working for the Hungarian Mafia invaded his house while he was away, raping his wife, and holding his children hostage, killing one of them when Söze arrived to show him they were serious. They then threatened to kill his wife and remaining children if he did not surrender his business to them. Rather than give in to their demands, he shot and killed his family and all but one of the Hungarians, whom he spared knowing that the survivor would tell the mafia gang what he was planning to do.

He lets the last Hungarian go. He waits until his wife and kids are in the ground and then he goes after the rest of the mob. He kills their kids, he kills their wives, he kills their parents and their parents’ friends. He burns down the houses they live in and the stores they work in, he kills people that owe them money. And like that he was gone. Underground. Nobody has ever seen him since. He becomes a myth, a spook story that criminals tell their kids at night. “Rat on your pop, and Keyser Soze will get you.” And no-one ever really believes.

My nightmares go like this.

The Golden Children of Al Qaeda in the Necronomicon

After Iran falls in war the Jihadists from Hezbollah and Hamas, Al Qaeda and the Qods Force rise from the ashes and slip out into the night of the world, carrying suitcase nuclear weapons, intent on Jihad and Qital against the infidel. Fathers, mothers, their friends, children, wives, in-laws, pets, creditors, employers, all become targets to these terrorist Keyser Sozes of the world.

If you know an American, a Briton, or a Jew you will be their target. If you read Wolf Pangloss or Belmont Club or any of a thousand blogs that are beginning to awaken to the danger you are their target.

When the God of slavery rules the world then we will all dance from his strings, marionettes in the madness, slaves to his hate and the hate wielded by his favorite people, who have agreed with alacrity to be his special, most obedient slaves in return for better treatment than everyone else.

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Bari Atwan prays for Israel to be nuked

For the record. From the Jerusalem Post:

Talking about Iran’s nuclear capability on ANB Lebanese television on June 27, Abd Al-Bari Atwan, editor-in-chief of Al-Quds Al-Arabi newspaper, said, “If the Iranian missiles strike Israel, by Allah, I will go to Trafalgar Square and dance with delight.” […]

“If a war breaks out, where will the Iranians retaliate? If Iran is able to retaliate, it will burn the oil wells, block the Strait of Hormuz, attack the American bases in the Gulf and, Allah willing, it will attack Israel, as well,” Bari Atwan continued.

That is what I mean by a prayer. “Allah willing, it will attack Israel.”

Who is Abd Al-Bari Atwan, anyway?

Bari Atwan founded the pan-Arab daily in London in 1989, and today the paper has a circulation of around 50,000. He is also a regular commentator on Sky News and BBC News 24.

So, should we expect Bari Atwan to be introduced primarily as someone who prays for Israelis to be murdered by nuclear bombs whenever he appears on Sky News and the BBC? After all, if he were a member of the KKK nobody would care what paper he edited. If he denied the Holocaust… wait. Never mind. He gets a free pass for Holocaust denial because he is Muslim.

H/T: memeorandum

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The Afghan Names of Char Khoone

In Iran they have Char Khoone, an Iranian television series that depicts Afghan characters as villains.

Since the beginning of the summer Iranian TV has aired a series named Char Khonneh every night. Sehat Sroush , the series’ director does not have any film making experience. At the beginning, this series did not have a large audience, but then the director created a new characters in order to make people laugh. Some of these characters are Afghans and their names are Shanbeh (means Saturday) and Charshanbeh (means Wednesday).

Though the Iranian declaration of this year as the year of Solidarity between Muslims, the Afghan blogger Dialog 3 says this is not a brotherly way to behave.

Dialogue 3 says examples like Afghans who call their children by the name of days of week, creates hatred between Moslem countries rather than solidarity

Surely the year of Solidarity between Muslims is the reason for all the diplomacy that Iran has been busy with this year. Trips to Saudi Arabia, Syria, Pakistan, Venezuela, Cuba, Peru, if I don’t miss my guess Zimbabwe, North Korea and China too. If there is a Moslem or non-Moslem tyranny anywhere in the world that Ahmedinajad hasn’t visited in his global perambulations this year I can’t name it, unless you count the Fiery Pit of Hell as one.

And I think that dwells within him, anyway.

But more endearing to me is that Afghans are likely enough to name their children for days of the week and other quirky choices. In the English Speaking World we have movie stars like Tuesday Weld (right) and nursery rhymes like this one:

Monday’s child is fair of face,
Tuesday’s child is full of grace,
Wednesday’s child is full of woe,
Thursday’s child has far to go,
Friday’s child is loving and giving,
Saturday’s child must work for a living,
But the child that’s born on the Sabbath day,
Is fair and wise and good and gay.

And naming children funny, non-traditional names is a pop-culture phenomenon. Camera Ashe, Seven Sirius and Puma Badu, Zowie Bowie, Sailor Lee Cook, Kal-el Cage, Suri Cruise, Peaches Honeyblossom Geldof, Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lily Hutchence, Moxie CrimeFighter Jillette, Bogart Che Peyote and Rocco Kokopelli Rainey. These are the names of celebrity children. They are the names of the children of wealth. Only the wealthy dare name their children such fantastical names. Such names are an indication of parental wealth and the joy of parents in their children. Wealth comes in many forms. It can be money or power or confidence or happiness or culture. And the fact that names like that are found in Afghanistan says good things about Afghanistan, even if some Afghans are embarrassed by it.

Who knows, maybe Iranians are secretly jealous of names that don’t remind them of a single day, always Friday.

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Fisking? In the Lede? Shocking!

Found on memeorandum. The Atlantic passes on something from AFP (via Brian Beutler).

AFP tries a revolutionary experiment in writing their story in such a way as to make readers better informed about the issue at hand rather than more familiar with the president’s propaganda. Here’s the lede:

US President George W. Bush charged Monday that Iran has openly declared that it seeks nuclear weapons — an inaccurate accusation at a time of sharp tensions between Washington and Tehran.

Oh, my! Imagine the world we might live in if this were the standard way to open a newspaper story about the president making a false or misleading claim.

Actually, Matt, fact based reporting would simply report the actual words that the President spoke. Inserting opinions about what the entire country of Iran has said is not fact based reporting on what the President said. It is editorial. It is propaganda meant to inoculate the reader against drawing his or her own conclusions about what Bush has said, as if the reader is too stupid and uninformed to be trusted with the awesome responsibility of making a decision.

That is the problem with the mainstream media in a nutshell.

We report; We decide what’s important; You buy advertised products.

–Mainstream Media Slogan

If we were to take seriously the wish to add context to the report, the reporter would have also mentioned that Iran has been in a state of undeclared war against the US in Iraq, training and equipping not only Shiite but also Sunni terrorists who kill both Coalition soldiers and Iraqi civilians, sending numerous military-trained Iranian spies into Iraq in both operational and advisory roles, hosting the Al Qaeda shura council including Saif al Adel and Saad Bin Laden, giving free passage to terrorists such as Zarqawi, threatening to wipe Israel off the map with one hand while rushing to enrich Uranium with the other, and making a practice of kidnapping US and British citizens and holding them hostage ever since 1979. This is more than “tension” between the two countries, as if you were a schoolmarm grabbing two feuding boys by the earlobes and dragging them to the cloakroom to sit on stools and think about what they have done.

Plus the Iranian government are all-around mean people who routinely execute people who protest against the government, criminal minors, adulterous women, and homosexuals.

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The Upcoming Economic Collapse(s)

Economic Collapse seems to be a popular meme in the media and blogosphere. While there is no market for predictions of economic collapse on the idle Prediction Market, there should be.

Lyndon LaRouche has been talking about the upcoming economic collapse of the United States for a few years. Mike Whitney of the leftist electronic fish-wrapper Counterpunch agrees. Conveniently, Whitney interprets VP Dick Cheney’s conservative investment strategy, entirely congruent with both his age and legal requirements that the VP of the USA not take any active stock positions while serving, as a conspiratorial bet on economic collapse.

While I, like many, am unhappy with the US government policies that have been weakening the dollar for the past number of years, I believe that there is at least an argument in favor of these policies. The argument being that a weaker dollar will make US products more affordable on the world market. Of course, the missing piece to this argument is the requirement that there be sufficient US manufacturing to create the products.

Still, certain elements on the far left were saying the same thing about the US under Bill Clinton 13 years ago. I guess he wasn’t leftist enough for them.

How about Venezuela, land of the new anti-kulak campaigns, and its economic woes? For leftist commentary exorcising a country’s economy from signs of imminent collapse, we only have to look at this apologetic website for Fidel Chavez, I mean Hugo Castro, I mean Hugo Chavez. In 2002, even the formidable, reliably pro-socialist BBC reported that Venezuela’s economy was in a bad way. More recently, Bloomberg reports that the Venezuelan and Ecuadoran economies are the shakiest in South America. Here Bloomberg describes how Venezuela’s central bank is doing everything it can to slow inflation from last year’s 19.5% to 12%, which is low for Venezuela. OK, the US had similarly high interest rates and equally high unemployment back in the stagflation days of Jimmy Carter, but it took Ronald Reagan’s policies of (military) government spending and tax rate decreases to shake the country out of its Carterista malaise. Does anybody see Hurricane Hugo doing something like this in the misty depths of their crystal ball?

Me neither.

Iran isn’t doing well. Thomas P. M. Barnett has a brief article about Iran’s economic troubles. Inflation is running around 12%, and exports are doing well because of oil and petrochemicals, which made up 87% of exports in 2004. Oil-exporting Iran is expected to go into a trade deficit by 2008. OK, so Iran is probably not going to collapse in the next six months. But it’s poised for a popular uprising of some sort.

Gaza, a.k.a. Hamastan, a.k.a. Fatahstan, not only is already in a state of economic and societal self-cannibalization, but the lunatics are running the asylum. It is the first suicide-bomb-state, having a terminal case of the jihads that will cause death by hemorrage. And quick. But we hear nothing about Gaza from the usual suspects, except that it’s all the Jews’ fault.

How about Zimbabwe? A leaked (unsourced) aid group estimate predicts that Zimbabwe’s economy will collapse within six months at the most. Zimbabwe’s current inflation rate stands at 3,714%, with prices doubling every two weeks. Projecting out to the end of 2007 gives an inflation rate of 512,000%. To put that in layman’s language, 5,120 Zimbabwean dollars at the beginning of the year would have the purchasing power that one Zimbabwean dollar had at the end of the year. Imagine convincing your boss that your pay needs to be doubled every two weeks and you will start to understand what this means to the unfortunates trapped inside Marxist-thug Mugabe’s miserable command economy.

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Nuclear Iran & Polls

One who participates in polls can quickly become confused. At least that is the most obvious conclusion that comes out of a March 14-16 Zogby International poll of 4,824 Americans concerning Iran.

Iran’s Nuclear Program

  • 88.1% of those asked believe that the purpose of Iran’s nuclear program is to develop nuclear weapons. 5.5% believe that the purpose is to generate electricity.
  • To break down the 88.1% who believe that Iran is developing nuclear weapons, 39.3% said Iran is developing nuclear weapons for its own use, 18.4% said Iran is developing “a weapon to sell to terrorist organizations,” and 30.4% said Iran is trying to balance a nuclear threat from other nuclear powers.

The balance rubric seems strange. How does it change the facts of whether Iran is developing nuclear weapons for military purposes? Is it more acceptable for Iran to threaten to use nukes against nuclear powers such as the U.S., France, and Israel than to use them to bully Turkey and Iraq?
Middle Eastern Nuclear Arms Race

  • 88.2% of those asked answered that if Iran developed nuclear weapons, then it was very or somewhat likely that other countries such as Saudi Arabia and Egypt would race to develop their own weapons, leading to a nuclear arms race in the Middle East.

This would lead to the nightmare of the Three Conjectures scenario. Continue reading


Nancy Pelosi is leading the Democrats in the United States’ House of Representatives to insert terms for a U.S. surrender in the military supplemental appropriations bill. She is bribing the thieves of congress with pork and other favors to get it passed, proving there is no difference between “Dollar” Bill Jefferson, “Duke” Cunningham, Jack “Unindicted Abscam Co-Conspirator” Murtha, and any other congress-critter, except getting caught at thieving and cheating.

Rep. Bobby Rush (D-Ill.), a former Black Panther who now represents one of the most liberal districts in the nation, decided yesterday to support the Iraq war supplemental spending bill because he was promised help with an issue “unrelated” to the bill. […]

The lobbying was intense. Two House Democrats said the leaders dangled the possibility of reversing decisions made by the Base Realignment and Closure Commission (BRAC).

(Update: See a list of the bribes here.)

At the same time, the AP publishes half the score board for those following the Iraq battle of the Global Counterjihad. Of course the AP only publishes the terrorists’ scores, in terms of Coalition soldiers and Iraqis killed, not the Coalition score in terms of terrorists killed, bombs disarmed, and progress made on reconstruction projects. Any high school basketball team could play against the Detroit Pistons, and if the Detroit score wasn’t published while the high school team’s was, then readers would falsely conclude that Detroit got beaten badly.

It would be journalistic malpractice to report a basketball game like that. And so too is AP guilty of journalistic malpractice, as is Reuters, NBC, CBS, the NYT, LAT, BBC, Al Jazeera, and most other traditional media organizations.

In the mean time, in Iraq, clashes erupted in Basra. Early reports indicate the cause of the violence was anger at the corrupt Mayor of Basra.

Al-Melaf cites informed sources, who deny any connection to the Sadrist current in these clashes, who say that the cause of the clashes that erupted in Basra was “looting and corruption” for which the governor of Basra, and his relatives, are known.

Clashes came as an expression of the anger of the Province’s residents with the governor of Basra, Muhammad Musbih al-Wa’ili, whom the sources described as corrupt, and unwilling to take any steps in the reconstruction of the area unless he receives bribes from contractors, al-Melaf reports.

Sources also pointed to the Basra governor that most of the oil smuggling operations in the area were completed by his hand and by a group of his relatives, in a way that resembles, to a large extent, the “mafia gangs” that are common in Basra, al-Melaf reports.

Al-Melaf reported earlier that tribes and notables in the Basra area are seeking to present a complaint against the governor to the Prime Minister Nouri al Maliki over the governor’s conduct.

Muhammad Musbih al-Wa’ili would fit right into the U.S. House alongside Murtha and Pelosi and their looting comrades.

Speaking of Shi’ite ne’er-do-wells, investigations reveal that the rocket attack that came so close to the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon was with a Katyusha rocket. Iran is the primary source of Russian-made Katyusha rockets in the Middle East. If it turns out that the rocket was supplied by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps out of a store of rockets left-over from the Iraq-Iran war, then the U.N. is going to get really mad and most likely write a strongly worded letter of disapproval concluding that it’s the Jews’ fault.

The rocket exploded during a press conference at the prime Minister’s residence, agencies reported. AP said the Katyusha rocket was fired from a mainly Shiite area on the east bank of the Tigris River. […] The 8 km-range Katyusha rockets, which were manufactured in the Soviet Union, were used by Iran during its war with Iraq between 1980 and 1988. The Shiite armed organization in Lebanon Hezbollah also occasionally uses them, fueling suspicions that it is backed by Iran.

Suspicions that Hezbollah is backed by Iran? That’s like saying there are suspicions that Hollywood is in California, that the sky is blue, down is not up, and pigs don’t fly or brush their teeth.

Finally, on the Sunni side of the Sunni-Shi’ite divide, a new al-Qaeda video from an Afghan al-Qaeda terrorist urges Sunni terrorists in Iraq to join al-Qaeda in Iraq (you know Iraq, the country where there is no evidence acceptable to “Sherlock” Pelosi of al-Qaeda ever being there) instead of trying to make a future for themselves and their families in a free, non-Talibanized Iraq.

Abu Yahia al-Libi, who broke out of the U.S. prison at Bagram Air Base north of Kabul in 2005, said it was the sacred duty of all mujahedeen, or holy warriors, to “stand steadfast together.”

He called on militant groups known as Ansar al-Sunnah, the Islamic Army in Iraq and the Army of the Mujahedeen to “hurry up and respond to the call of the Quran to become one and… join the Islamic State in Iraq,” an al-Qaeda affiliate in the country.

“This is the legitimate duty and urgent need imposed by the circumstances of this stage of the jihad in Iraq,” the black-turbaned al-Libi said, referring to militants’ holy war. […]

Al-Libi also urged them not to “fall into the trap of enemies reaching out to Sunnis in Iraq” and claimed Saudi Arabia’s calls for the support of Iraq’s beleaguered Sunni minority were a sham.

“Your enemies are adding poison to exterminate you and sabotage your jihad. So don’t be drawn in by flashy advertisements of Satan and his followers,” he said.

I know that al-Libi (aka Abulbakar Mohammed Hassan) appreciates his allies Pelosi, Murtha, and Reid. I hope Pelosi et alia appreciate their allies in the Jihad, the global anti-capitalist, anti-American, anti-civilized media, corrupt politicians of all stripes, global terrorists, and the terrorists of the Battle of Iraq. They make a good team.

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