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HizbAllah Symbology

I believe this to be an important analysis of the symbolism and meaning of HizbAllah. Alexis brings up some interesting points [1, 2, 3] about the symbology of HizbAllah / Hezbollah / Hizbullah at the Belmont Club. His or her points have not, as far as I know, been raised anywhere else.

The images of the HizbAllah flag appear to the right on the yellow field of the Hizb flag. Wikipedia lists the obvious features of the symbol.

Flag of Hezbollah. The bottom text means “The Islamic Resistance in Lebanon”. The upper text means “Then surely the party of Allah are they that shall be triumphant”. (Quran 5:56) The green text is the name of the group — with the first letter of “Allah” reaching up to grasp a Soviet AK-47.

Here is the first bombshell that Alexis launched concerning the Hizb flag.

Another part of Islam is post-apocalyptic. In this scenario, the reign of Mohammed and the Four Rightly Guided Caliphs was the golden age of Islam; Islam has declined ever since. This is a common view in Shi’ism. Sunnis have their own variant; Sayyid Qutb claimed that Islam hasn’t existed for several centuries; al-Qaeda laments the fall of the Ottoman Empire.

Restorationism comes from a post-apocalyptic view of time, which regards one’s religion as ruined, finished, gone. The Restorationist seeks to turn back the clock to a previous golden age and appeals to a keen sense of desperation, a sense that evil has almost entirely triumphed except for a small band of courageous revolutionaries who seek to restore an earthly paradise that actually never was.

Islamic Restorationism can be considered to be a religious form of Viagra; it’s intended for men who lack confidence in their own potency. I urge you to look carefully at the Hezbollah flag. On first glance, that assault rifle could be considered to be an expression of a man’s potency. The hand holding the assault rifle could be seen as an abstract head of a penis. But look to the left part of the “globe”; there is a break. This would appear to be reference to castration, to having one’s penis cut off. So, far from the Hezbollah assault rifle being an expression of a man’s potency, it is a substitute for a man’s potency; it essentially says that without an assault rifle, a man in Hezbollah is nothing. So of course Hezbollah will not disarm; it will not because it cannot. Its flag tells you that.

To those who know Middle Eastern history, Hezbollah’s apparent reference to phallic worship should not come as any surprise. It’s really sad. For a terrorist organization to appeal so blatantly to fears of castration illustrates just how frail supporters of terrorists can perceive themselves to be. Moreover, Hezbollah’s apparent phallic reference suggests that, far from being an Islamic organization at all, Hezbollah is attempting to pass off its counterfeit religion as the real thing.

Well that was a Freudian shock. The severed fist of HizbAllah resistance holds an AK-47 over a globe which may represent Earth or may represent the Moon. It looms over a branch with several leaves. The leafy branch resembles an olive branch to my eye. The AK-47 is also suspended over a book, shown in profile, which for any Muslim must mean the Koran. There is more on the Koran and the leafy branch later in this post. The AK-47 also looms above the green stylized words “Hizb Allah.” The first letter of “Allah” forms the base of the phallic symbol and raised fist holding the AK-47, thus showing that Allah is subservient to HizbAllah’s Jihad.

Alexis expounds on this point (I have deleted a sentence that Alexis admitted was problematic).

Look at the gap. Why was the gap so necessary? One could argue that Hezbollah does not wish to sully the word “Allah” with a direct connection to an assault rifle. Yet, why would the rifle be above the word “Allah” and not below it? When one sees a shahada flag, once expects the sword to be underneath the shahada, not above it. There is a difference between a sword underlining the power of a sacred word and a sacred word underlining the power of a sword. […] The hand on the rifle is on top of the word “Allah”, not below it; this shows God to be in service of the rifle, not the other way around.

The question of whether anything is on top of the word of God is a major issue among devout Muslims. (If you don’t believe me, you haven’t met any.) This issue is very important to many Muslims. It is regarded as disrespectful to place any other book on top of the Koran. If there is a copy of illuminated Koranic manuscripts at the bottom of a bookcase, a devout Muslim will feel uneasy about it and will try to get it placed at the top of the bookcase. To a devout Muslim, the word “Allah” is more important than any other word and the Koran is more important than any other book. There are reasons why rumors of flushed Korans get Muslims upset. So, given such a cultural circumstance, it is logical to question why Hezbollah puts the rifle above the word “Allah”, as if there were anything more important than the word “Allah”.

Alexis also expounds on some of the other symbology in the device.

I also do not understand the reference to a branch with leaves; I’m not sure which plant it refers to. (For example, a palm reference in Semitic literature would have a very different meaning from an olive reference.) I also don’t understand the “accordion” reference either, although I strongly suspect this also has an important meaning attached to it. I confess that there is much to the symbolism of the “hezbollah” insignia that I do not understand. Wretchard may write about psychological warfare, yet I greatly doubt there has been any systematic analysis of the symbolic language used in Middle Eastern politics. I think the symbolic terrain of Arab culture is largely Terra Incognita for western academe.

I very much doubt that my analysis is written anywhere else. Symbolic communication, particularly cryptic symbolism, does not seem to be generally talked about outside of academic settings. Cryptic symbolism is central to any study of WWII resistance propaganda, though. For example, one popular favorite piece of Dutch wall propaganda was the number six and a quarter with a slash through it. In Dutch, this was “seis en kwart” (six and a quarter), a reference to the local Reichskommissar, Dr. Arthur Seyss-Inquart. Dutch people also wore orange flowers, symbolizing the exiled House of Orange. Likewise, the letter “Z” was used to protest the assassination of Gregoris Lambrakis and repression by the Greek junta. Cryptic language is difficult for repressive regimes to control.

I believe the “accordion” is actually the Koran. The leafy branch (olive leaves?) arising from the Koran combines the peace symbolism of the olive branch with a visual pun on the “suras,” or verses of the Koran. “Suras” means “leaves” in Arabic. The leafy branch arising from the Koran is a representation of the verses or leaves of the Koran branching out and reaching out into the world. The leaves also reach toward the AK-47, underlining the Koranic justification for Hizb’s idolatry of Jihad.

I hope this analysis of HizbAllah’s symbolism has been useful and of interest to others besides myself.


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Let’s Dance on Mughniyeh’s Grave

Remember this video from right after 9/11, when the Palestinians expressed their boundless joy that the World Trade Centers had been destroyed by Muslim terrorists? Or did you never see it because it has been suppressed by the anti-American biased world media?

I know that one dead, hell-bound cockroach named Imad Mughniyeh is only a small down-payment on all the worthless terrorist murderers who need to be killed, but it’s a step on the road. Now let’s dance on the cockroach’s grave!

shakielmo.gif eros033.gif yeye04.gifboots.gif


It makes you want to have some candy, doesn’t it? How about a candy to help us keep our eye on what is at stake in Iran and Pakistan?


Cinnamon-liciously yummy!


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Why Would State Build an Embassy in HizbAllah Territory?

From ABC’s Blotter:

The dispute between the U.S. Embassy in Beirut and the State Department in Washington has been simmering since late last year.

At one point, the U.S. Embassy refused to allow a State Department official from Washington, James Golden, managing director of the Emergency Projects Coordinating Office, permission to enter the country for the embassy project by denying normally standard “country clearance.”

What’s the reason for this dispute?

It seems that the US State Department bought a site for $22 million a couple of years ago and wants to build a new embassy there. If you think back to 1983, while Reagan was in his first term, the civil war in Lebanon was hot. Iran-allied HizbAllah had a cottage industry of kidnapping Americans for ransom. In 1983, a HizbAllah assassin bombed the US Marines barracks in Beirut, murdering 241 US Marines and leading Reagan to withdraw US forces from the peacekeeping mission there. Also in 1983 and 1984, the old embassy had been hit by HizbAllah in two separate bombing attacks that killed 87 people including eight CIA employees.

I understand why State would want to replace the old embassy. The old embassy was susceptible to bombings as proved multiple times. And it had been bombed, which tends to cause structural damage. Best to get a new embassy building. That’s the sensible thing to do. But sensible people don’t choose to build embassies a few hundred yards from the headquarters of a proven enemy and gang of assassins like Iranian catspaw HizbAllah.

“It boggles the mind,” says former State Department security official Tony Diebler. “Any reasonable person that looks at that site, does their homework and sees who controls the area would determine that it’s a foolish, dangerous idea to build the embassy there,” Diebler said.

State seems to be the gang that couldn’t shoot straight. Leaks, failures of diplomacy, incompetent choices of allies in Islamic countries, and now plans to build a henhouse in the foxes’ neighborhood.

The good news at the end of this is that the plans are on hold.

plans for a controversial new U.S. Embassy in Beirut have been put on hold indefinitely, and effectively killed

Cross your fingers that it remains a dead plan.

It makes you wonder though if there was an overarching plan behind this. Was this kerfuffle planned all along? The notoriously conspiracy minded HizbAllah assassins are likely to think so. This development will probably drive them crazy wondering what the real US plan is.

H/T: Dissecting Leftism, Atlas Shrugs

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Nancy Pelosi is leading the Democrats in the United States’ House of Representatives to insert terms for a U.S. surrender in the military supplemental appropriations bill. She is bribing the thieves of congress with pork and other favors to get it passed, proving there is no difference between “Dollar” Bill Jefferson, “Duke” Cunningham, Jack “Unindicted Abscam Co-Conspirator” Murtha, and any other congress-critter, except getting caught at thieving and cheating.

Rep. Bobby Rush (D-Ill.), a former Black Panther who now represents one of the most liberal districts in the nation, decided yesterday to support the Iraq war supplemental spending bill because he was promised help with an issue “unrelated” to the bill. […]

The lobbying was intense. Two House Democrats said the leaders dangled the possibility of reversing decisions made by the Base Realignment and Closure Commission (BRAC).

(Update: See a list of the bribes here.)

At the same time, the AP publishes half the score board for those following the Iraq battle of the Global Counterjihad. Of course the AP only publishes the terrorists’ scores, in terms of Coalition soldiers and Iraqis killed, not the Coalition score in terms of terrorists killed, bombs disarmed, and progress made on reconstruction projects. Any high school basketball team could play against the Detroit Pistons, and if the Detroit score wasn’t published while the high school team’s was, then readers would falsely conclude that Detroit got beaten badly.

It would be journalistic malpractice to report a basketball game like that. And so too is AP guilty of journalistic malpractice, as is Reuters, NBC, CBS, the NYT, LAT, BBC, Al Jazeera, and most other traditional media organizations.

In the mean time, in Iraq, clashes erupted in Basra. Early reports indicate the cause of the violence was anger at the corrupt Mayor of Basra.

Al-Melaf cites informed sources, who deny any connection to the Sadrist current in these clashes, who say that the cause of the clashes that erupted in Basra was “looting and corruption” for which the governor of Basra, and his relatives, are known.

Clashes came as an expression of the anger of the Province’s residents with the governor of Basra, Muhammad Musbih al-Wa’ili, whom the sources described as corrupt, and unwilling to take any steps in the reconstruction of the area unless he receives bribes from contractors, al-Melaf reports.

Sources also pointed to the Basra governor that most of the oil smuggling operations in the area were completed by his hand and by a group of his relatives, in a way that resembles, to a large extent, the “mafia gangs” that are common in Basra, al-Melaf reports.

Al-Melaf reported earlier that tribes and notables in the Basra area are seeking to present a complaint against the governor to the Prime Minister Nouri al Maliki over the governor’s conduct.

Muhammad Musbih al-Wa’ili would fit right into the U.S. House alongside Murtha and Pelosi and their looting comrades.

Speaking of Shi’ite ne’er-do-wells, investigations reveal that the rocket attack that came so close to the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon was with a Katyusha rocket. Iran is the primary source of Russian-made Katyusha rockets in the Middle East. If it turns out that the rocket was supplied by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps out of a store of rockets left-over from the Iraq-Iran war, then the U.N. is going to get really mad and most likely write a strongly worded letter of disapproval concluding that it’s the Jews’ fault.

The rocket exploded during a press conference at the prime Minister’s residence, agencies reported. AP said the Katyusha rocket was fired from a mainly Shiite area on the east bank of the Tigris River. […] The 8 km-range Katyusha rockets, which were manufactured in the Soviet Union, were used by Iran during its war with Iraq between 1980 and 1988. The Shiite armed organization in Lebanon Hezbollah also occasionally uses them, fueling suspicions that it is backed by Iran.

Suspicions that Hezbollah is backed by Iran? That’s like saying there are suspicions that Hollywood is in California, that the sky is blue, down is not up, and pigs don’t fly or brush their teeth.

Finally, on the Sunni side of the Sunni-Shi’ite divide, a new al-Qaeda video from an Afghan al-Qaeda terrorist urges Sunni terrorists in Iraq to join al-Qaeda in Iraq (you know Iraq, the country where there is no evidence acceptable to “Sherlock” Pelosi of al-Qaeda ever being there) instead of trying to make a future for themselves and their families in a free, non-Talibanized Iraq.

Abu Yahia al-Libi, who broke out of the U.S. prison at Bagram Air Base north of Kabul in 2005, said it was the sacred duty of all mujahedeen, or holy warriors, to “stand steadfast together.”

He called on militant groups known as Ansar al-Sunnah, the Islamic Army in Iraq and the Army of the Mujahedeen to “hurry up and respond to the call of the Quran to become one and… join the Islamic State in Iraq,” an al-Qaeda affiliate in the country.

“This is the legitimate duty and urgent need imposed by the circumstances of this stage of the jihad in Iraq,” the black-turbaned al-Libi said, referring to militants’ holy war. […]

Al-Libi also urged them not to “fall into the trap of enemies reaching out to Sunnis in Iraq” and claimed Saudi Arabia’s calls for the support of Iraq’s beleaguered Sunni minority were a sham.

“Your enemies are adding poison to exterminate you and sabotage your jihad. So don’t be drawn in by flashy advertisements of Satan and his followers,” he said.

I know that al-Libi (aka Abulbakar Mohammed Hassan) appreciates his allies Pelosi, Murtha, and Reid. I hope Pelosi et alia appreciate their allies in the Jihad, the global anti-capitalist, anti-American, anti-civilized media, corrupt politicians of all stripes, global terrorists, and the terrorists of the Battle of Iraq. They make a good team.

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Price of AK-47s going up in Lebanon

AK-47 prices and the prices of other armaments are going up as Hizballah prompts everybody to get armed.

The price of a Kalashnikov assault rifle has soared in Lebanon, riding the wave of political crisis, community tension and fears of a new civil war.

t used to be $100 (dhs360) – now it’s more than $700. “It’s a stampede,” an arms dealer who did not wish to be named said. Those who have guns are keeping them or not selling except for a huge profit, and those who don’t have them are buying so they can face any eventuality.” (Feb 11, 2007)

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