Sexist Pig Obama “Cleverly” Insults a Woman

Stay classy, Obama.


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5 responses to “Sexist Pig Obama “Cleverly” Insults a Woman

  1. Liberal douche…NOBAMA!

  2. He is a sexist pig. He thinks he can win by totally disrespecting half of the population. I am not buying that. Sarah is more qualified for the position she seeks then Obama is in the position he seeks.

  3. My fellows Americans,
    Never stop bringing the issue of Obama being a muslim. That is exactly what the so called democrats and their european left wing friends would like everyone to forget. Denying is part of the islamic strategy named “takhiyya”.
    Besides, when Obama and his supporters insist with the comparison between him and Martin Luther King, remind them that Martin Luther King ,a republican, did not only pronounce the famous “I have a dream!” He also wrote: “The end is near when we start avoiding to talk about things that matter.”

  4. I don’t think Obama is a muslim. I agree with Richard Pipes, however, who has pretty convincingly demonstrated that the Muslims of the world believe that Obama is either a Muslim or a Muslim apostate.

  5. Obama is not a muslim you bleeding idiot for christs sake just before he’s black and he has an islamic name DOES NOT MEAN HE IS MUSLIM. How childish are you? My name is charlotte a typical english name but im not english and im not catholic or anglican. And to the top person sarah palin was the governer of alaska for two years… alaska. That’s not what you call qualified.