Infanticide: The Video

Jill Stanek tells the story of her experiences as a nurse in an Illinois hospital with a baby who was delivered alive at 21-22 weeks and left without any treatment to die. The baby had Down’s syndrome and had other problems, and the doctor delivered the baby instead of aborting it. This was legal in Illinois at the time, and two Born Alive Infant Protection Acts were introduced into the Illinois legislature. As far as I know, it is still legal in Illinois. Obama voted against the first act three times. The second one, which was identical in wording to the federal act, died in Obama’s committee when he refused to send it to the legislature for a vote. How apropos, to kill a bill with willful neglect in the same way that delivered, living babies were left to die in Illinois hospitals.

Watch it. I dare you. I double-dare you.

Update: See this video with Obama’s argument in the Illinois Senate.

“Above my pay grade.”

Question for Obama: What question should be above the pay grade of the President of the USA? Who is more powerful, more relevant, more important than the President of the USA?

h/t: Gateway Pundit


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  1. Great post. How have you been? I’ve been well. Keep his feet to the fire! Have a wonderfully blessed day.

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