Obama runs for President of the World

McCain hits Obama pretty hard with the Celeb ad. What was Obama thinking when he went to Germany and held a campaign rally in the middle of Berlin in front of a triumphal pillar that celebrates three historic victories of Germany plus the Nazi victory over Europe that didn’t pan out?

Obviously I think this commercial should have Fabio in it somewhere. To underline the point, check out this American Presidential campaign poster in Berlin.


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2 responses to “Obama runs for President of the World

  1. Wow…and the media was actually getting mad over this ad? It clearly shows that they’re on his side.

  2. Surely this is a great leap forward for Black Americans. Who would have thought it? An old, rich white man who doesn’t know how many houses he owns, runs campaign ads portraying a Black man, who grew up in a single-mother household as an out-of-touch celebrity. Wow!