Redford: “you can kiss the Democratic Party goodbye”

RUADHÁN Mac CORMAIC writes in the Irish Times:

IF BARACK Obama doesn’t win November’s presidential election in the United States, “you can kiss the Democratic Party goodbye”, the actor and director Robert Redford told an audience in Dublin last night.

Yet another reason to vote for McCain, and to keep an eye out for Democrat vote fraud.


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3 responses to “Redford: “you can kiss the Democratic Party goodbye”

  1. In your suggestion to “keep an eye out for Democratic vote fraud”, would you support denying the vote to folks who have done nothing wrong? Like say, those whose names are similar to convicted criminals? Not the criminals themselves, but those whose names are similar?

  2. Nope. But I do support denying the vote to dead people and those who are not citizens. I also support denying people the right to vote (or even to be registered to vote) in the same election in two separate states.

  3. Have many dead people voted in recent U.S. elections? I wonder how they could have voted after they had died.