Kerry, Obama, KO: Second Verse, Same as the First

See-Dubya has a terrific video comparison between John Kerry and Barack Obama with a great Shirley Bassey sound-track behind it. Not as dynamite as the Goldfinger theme, but better than any Bond theme since Diamonds are Forever. The combo is reeeeeal niiiice. Two thrills up Chris Matthews’ leg. About a zillion Obama posters. Arugula. One unrepentant terrorist stomping on a US flag. One harridan actually proud of her country for the first time ever. Another harridan saying that Obama has no experience. A flip. A flip flop. A flopping flip. A flop. Rappers, Obama Girls, winter soldier testimony, and Robot Chicken uber-dork Seth Green giving a black power salute. Wolf Pangloss says, “check it out!”


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2 responses to “Kerry, Obama, KO: Second Verse, Same as the First

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  2. Nice. It moves a little too fast for me, but it’s still nice. Thanks for stopping over and thinking of me! 😉