Fitna Remade and Others

With Fitna Remade, Reza Moradi recuts Geert Wilder’s movie Fitna to speak for the Muslims who are victimized by the Takfirism, Sharia and Jihad of political Islam.

What follows is an edited version of Fitna with my commentary about the realities of Islam and political Islam. It is an attempt to disgrace political Islam and its apologists and side with the masses of people resisting it in the Middle East.

Moradi indulges in some moral relativism, comparing Muslim Terrorism to US Military “Terrorism.” She favors the banning of religion from society at large (not sure how this could work without an omnipotent dictator in charge). And she also favors increased asylum in western countries of Muslims claiming persecution. But the majority of her argument is still interesting and worth watching.

At, Amitabh Tripathi explores the message sent by a new Jihadist group called Indian Mujahidin claiming responsibility for the bombings against Jaipur, and describes why India has been unable to mount an effective counter to its own Jihadist threats.

When Mujahideeens in Afghanistan were fighting against Soviet Union it was very much evident that after defeat of Soviet Union in Afghanistan they are not going to stop. America very tactfully used mujahideens against their arch rival of cold war but experts of Islamism in America never took these mujaheedeens as their ally and some of them had apprehensions that these Islamist forces in near future could target America as well. It is the reason why America was able to take on these Islamists just after 9/11. On Contrary we were unprepared to this surge of Islamist movement.

After 1991 when Soviet Union was defeated in Afghanistan and those Mujahideens of Pakistan took the cause to liberate J&K from India. It was prime time to nip in the bud and crush the Islamist aspirations in India but at that stage our political system and intelligentsia tried to divert the attention of people from the debate of Islamist aspiration and Islamist terrorism in J&K was defined as an insurgency and it was said that this is done by some misguided youths due to unemployment. But these misguided unemployed youths were very much guided with religious appeal that ethnic cleansing took place in valley and all Hindus were forced to evacuate their homeland to become refugees in their own country. This was the first chance when we were in position to curb the Islamic terrorism and stop it before spreading its tentacles in other parts of our nation. But we missed the bus.

Amil Imani, Europe Shall Bleed, Once Again

Me and my brother against my cousin; me, my brother, and my cousin against the other. This is an old Muslim saying and Muslims live by this motto. To be sure the people of the-religion of peace- find the world full of “other,” to oppress and kill, both within as well as without the Islamic Ummeh.

Civilized peoples’ idea of the “other” is the exact opposite of that of Muslims. All over Europe, for one, people have been singing the praises of multiculturalism; the idea that everybody should bend over backwards to accommodate the different in society. […]

To Muslims, anyone who doesn’t toe the line of Islam, as each sect defines it, is the “other” and fair game as kafir (blasphemous; unbeliever in Allah).

Douglas Farah, Good News on the Terror Funding Libel Front

The cases seem to indicate that careful, fair and accurate reporting on terrorism financing can withstand legal challenge even in Europe, where plaintiffs are heavily advantaged in libel proceedings. The catch: You have to be willing and financially able to defend yourself. To all our benefit, the WSJ had the will.

Gilbert T. Sewall, Islam in the Classroom: What the Textbooks Tell Us

Flexibility of taste and, on matters of content, an element of nihilism are essentials for textbook publishing executives and editors. Top editors – who in the case of social studies publishing are indistinguishable from marketing executives – make a business of appeasing pressure groups. Islamic activists, some with no academic credentials or background, are listed as academic reviewers in major textbooks from several companies and imprints. The Council on Islamic Education and other Islamic education organizations are secretive and easily agitated. Their links and consulting activities with publishers raise unanswered questions and merit further scrutiny.

Ibn Kammuna, Qur’anic Shari’a Law

In this article I talk about some aspects of Shari’a law as founded in the Qur’an. A Muslim, regardless of school of thought will have to accept such laws. After all, they are founded in the Qur’an, Allah’s final word. After introducing the crime, I provide the Qur’anic evidence followed by some critical analysis that sheds light on possible alternatives. I end the article with a substantive conclusion.

Basharee Murtadd, Fight Islam because it’s Intolerant, Not because it’s False

Religion is like a placebo. Those who believe in it can do a lot of good for themselves and mankind. Who are we to say that anything that’s false is bad for us? Is Santa Claus bad for our children?

The problem with Islam is not in its inaccuracies, but rather in its intolerance. Belief is a personal choice made by an individual. I have no problem with people believing in Jesus, Buddha, or Mother Goose for that matter. But when a ‘religion’ preaches hatred and intolerance for all those who differ from its adherents, then this ‘religion’ should be declared as a banned political ideology no different from Nazism.

Jahanshah Rashidian, Minorities in Allah’s Country

The Islamic Republic of Iran places the Shiite sect of Islam at the heart of the state apparatus. The Islamisation of all life, based on Khomeini’s own interpretation of Islam, is the central policy of the Islamic ruling elite.

Religious minorities, which include the Sunnite sect of Islam, Christian, Jews, Zoroastrians and Baha’is compromised about 10 % of the population after the Iranian revolution, most of them Sunnite Muslims who also suffer from discrimination as national minorities. In addition, increasing numbers of Shiites, especially after the inception of the IRI, are non-believers.

Laina Farhat-Holzman, Western Media Stooges of Islamist Propaganda: The Case of al-Dura

Our founding fathers regarded a press free from government interference as an essential institution for the protection of democracy. The press was to inform voters through a diversity of viewpoints and to prevent the abuse of power that thrives in the absence of scrutiny.

In the real world, however, media often serves as a mouthpiece of the government in power or a distraction of scandal and gossip as we often find in the American and European popular tabloids.

In some dictatorships there is only one view permitted, the dictator’s and foreign journalists are not permitted. In Burma and North Korea, we have seen in the necessity to clandestinely cover Burma’s flood-storm disaster or North Korea’s recurring starvation.

But in sophisticated dictatorships (Soviet Union and Saddam Hussein’s Iraq), foreign journalists were permitted but were under constraint. Uncooperative journalists were expelled. Journalists couldn’t cover the country at all if they were expelled, so they had to wait until the end of their tour of duty to tell the truth.

One area of the world that needs to be covered honestly is the Arab Middle East – an area that plays a major role in American foreign policy. Israel has a rambunctiously free press, but the Arab world, particularly the Palestinian Territories and Gaza, is a different case. Local journalists foolish enough to expose graft or corruption will not live long. Foreign journalists must be pro-Palestinian or they are expelled. And some foreign journalists let themselves be used for political propaganda.

Kanchan Gupta, Islam’s enemy within

A lie repeated again and again, as Paul Joseph Goebbels proved through word and deed, tends to be believed by the masses. Islamofascists, both at home and abroad, who peddle the myth that ‘Islam is the solution’ and thus see nothing wrong with the ghastly crimes committed in the name of Islam, would naturally take to Goebbelsian propaganda tactics like a duck takes to water. Fiction propagated slyly at conferences and seminars, mentioned between the lines in newspaper articles, and slipped into Friday sermons by mullahs after the jumma namaaz, acquires a certain legitimacy and is soon perceived as fact.

We have seen this happen in India on more than one occasion. When Hindus were forced to flee their ancestral homes in the Kashmir Valley by killer squads of Islamists who indulged in rapacious depredations and reveled in the slaughter of innocent men, women and children, an insidious campaign was launched, pinning the blame on Mr Jagmohan, then Governor of Jammu & Kashmir: He was accused of telling the Hindus to flee the Valley. Strangely, this fiction was believed by the secular intelligentsia which, in any event, is desperate to clutch at straws to absolve Islamic fanatics of their crimes and eager to paint Islamist marauders in the most glowing of colours.

Similar tactics were used in the wake of commuter train bombing in Mumbai, which killed 187 people. It was blatantly suggested by our homegrown Islamists that the massacre was the handiwork of either “Government agencies” or “Hindu organisations.”

The Apostate, Muslims and my intellectual loneliness

I haven’t “engaged” with Muslims about Islam — online or off — for quite a while now. I simply have nothing to say to them about their persistent belief that fairy-tales are real. What can you say? You blink and nod and move on. […]

Ugh — I feel dirty, tainted. Muslim men do that to me — unfailingly condescending and deeply sexist Muslim men. Unfortunately, I haven’t run into a single specimen that doesn’t conform. Should remember just always to steer clear.

Tahir’s Journey, from Muslims for Christ

Soon after arriving in the United States from Palestine 14 years ago, I married a nice Christian girl. She tried to become a Muslim to please me, but the more she did, the more I turned away from her. We had a child together, but the marriage didn’t last because it is hard to love when your heart is filled with hate. Hate is what I was taught growing up in Palestine; hate towards the Jews, the Christians and hate against the world. As a Palestinian, you are taught from day number 1 that the whole world is responsible for our misfortune especially Jews and Christians.

Ahmed Paul, Create in me a clean heart, O God

My name is Ahmed; I was the first born in 1969 in Alexandria Egypt to a religious poor family. My father is a very Devout Muslim who keeps all the pillars of Islam and then some, being raised in such a family made it a very important requirement to be as religious as my father who is also an open minded Man, loved by everyone.


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