Hedge Fund Liar Makes $2.9 Billion, says economy is in crisis

How can this be? The truth is that every change in the economy is good for someone and bad for someone else. Increased production, however, which Democrats and their Green buddies are against because of their irrational global warming obsession, lifts up everybody at the same time. What is the solution Soros proposes for the troubles he sees? More progressive and socialist agitation validated by the increasingly feckless (ref. meaning 2) Democratic Party, which he has bought and paid for with his billions. The only way to stop the dollar from plummeting is to stop printing so much money. This would require raising government interest rates and cutting government spending. In order for these changes to not plunge the US and world into a new depression, tax rates would also need to be reduced to minimal levels and bad rules and laws like Sarbanes-Oxley and the Americans with Disabilities act need to be repealed or drastically revised.


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6 responses to “Hedge Fund Liar Makes $2.9 Billion, says economy is in crisis

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  3. Wow. Where did you get so wise? 😉

  4. I’m not wise. I’m simplifying things vastly because I am at least in part a simpleton. But as everybody knows the best way to create inflation and to drive all the value out of a currency is to print more of it than people want or than it is worth.

  5. There’s definitly competing problems that interest rates can’t solve. Inflation is out of control, so they should raise interest rates…but spending is down so they should lover interest rates.

    I agree with you…raising makes more sense.

    Plus, America’s savings rate is so low that i think American’s are out-spent…hence foreclosures, etc.

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