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Who wants to pay even more taxes? And who wants someone else to pay more taxes than they already pay? Who makes the choice of who will pay more, who will pay less, and who will pay the same? I think it’s time to scrap the current tax system in favor of something else. My favorite choice is the Fair Tax. Stop by and fill out the petition.

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  2. Here is the Rachel Lucas tax rant:

    I wish I could write as well as she does.

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  4. I think the “Fair Tax wold be better then out current system, but I would prefer a flat tax with a large deductible (maybe 1x or 1.5 the poverty income level) something like Friedman’s Negative Income Tax idea:

    …or Kling’s variant:

    The goal is to reduce compliance costs and lessen the disruptions made to economic decision making.

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  6. I haven’t read up on those tax ideas yet, purpleslog. Thanks for the links! Compliance cost reduction is the reason I like the fairtax, so it sounds like no matter what the alternative to the current 50K or 100K or 200K or 500K pages (or whatever it is) of regulations would be a major advance.

    And then all the tax preparation professionals could take care of productive accounting issues, like how to reduce shrinkage in inventory.

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  12. O’Reilly tonight has a short segment on celebrity scofflaws who won’t pay their taxes. OJ Simpson, Dionne Warwick, Wesley Snipes and Nicolas Cage don’t pay their taxes. If celebrities can get away with publicly scoffing at the IRS then how good can the compliance be overall? It cannot be good. Any arguments against other tax schemes having enforcement issues must be measured against the current level of hostility and flouting of the law, and not against some ideal, perfect level of compliance that does not exist.

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