China is claiming attacks from inside and outside and is embarrassed beyond belief by the constant interference by protesters against the Olympic torch procession. China is taking a hard line about things, threatening athletes who express opinions the Chinese government doesn’t like with expulsion from the games.

What I’d like to discover is where the radical anti-war groups are in this popular protest against Chinese tyranny in Tibet. This appears to be action by people who are truly concerned with Tibet, as contrasted with the La Raza and Code Pink rallies, which are led by groups like International ANSWER and the Revolutionary Communist Party. Are the usual anti-war groups showing up to protest against China? Or do they only protest against America?

Zombietime and Ginna Allison have excellent photo reports on the fabulous torch relay disappearing act in San Francisco. Even David Copperfield would have had trouble making this protest disappear as well as SF’s thin blue line did the trick.


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6 responses to “Tibet

  1. Only America, but you knew that, didn’t ya… How disgusting they are, too. This is one way to determine that they are frauds! True repression does not bother these people. Shame! Shame on all of them.

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  3. I checked out Zombietime for photo evidence, but he doesn’t seem to have covered the SF torch run.


  4. Let’s ask the President and other leaders to make their attendance at the Games contingent on Beijing allowing the Dalai Lama to attend the Games. (He said he’d like to go.)

    That would be a huge concession by China, it calls their bluff on whether the Olympics should be “above politics”, and it lets them make the decision. Plus, it’s a cleaner test that “talk to the D.L.” (which would end as soon as the Olympics are over). Post on this, with White House, Presidential candidates’, and Pelosi and Reid’s contact info:

  5. Good question. I’ve been at quite a few demos and 99% of the “nowar” crowd are noticeably absent at what many consider to be a critical juncture in the history of the Tibetan people.

    Maybe they’re all tired out from protesting against Iraq. Don’t get me wrong, I disagree with the Iraq war also, but it’s quite odd that there appears to be little overlap from that group. (And yes, I have marched in “their” demos)