Pity Party: AngryJournalist.com

First, visit angryjournalist.com. Then come back. If you have an emotional feeling, think on it. What is it?

Some call the feeling schadenfreude. Some merely have a tough time wiping the big grin off their faces. Others feel sorry for those poor “journalists” who trained in college to do something that used to be a bottom-of-the-barrel job that guys got after they failed at their first career.

Others may feel inspired to imitate Dana Carvey. Well, I feel inspired to imitate Dana Carvey. Specifically, the Church Lady and her “superior dance.”

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Good times…


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2 responses to “Pity Party: AngryJournalist.com

  1. I had not seen this Carvey bit. What a hoot! I even feel “shadenfreude” watching the Tiger ad.

    Big smiles here,

  2. That was Dana Carvey as the Church Lady Edid Strict, a pre-Air America Al Franken as Pat Robertson, and Phil Hartman (the only conservative cast member of SNL that I know of) as Jimmy Swaggert. Rest in Peace Phil Hartman, and may Andy Dick pay for what he did to you and your family.