CPUSA supports Clinton or Obama, and Card Check

Joel Wendland writes for the Marxist electronic fishwrapper politicalaffairs.net

With the undiminished role of the labor-led people’s movement, Webb [president of the CPUSA] predicted the outcome could bring enormous change that puts people’s need before warmaking, sleaze and policies that put profits before peoples need. Such an outcome is possible regardless of whether or not Clinton or Obama wins, he stated.

The Democratic campaigns and the possibility for change have eroded disillusionment and apathy. The main dilemma of the left is to not be left behind in this upsurge, he said. If we are not engaged in this struggle to advance the people’s movement, we will be left behind.

This year the Communist Party of the USA (CPUSA) is powered by big labor and their demand for the Orwellian “Employee Free Choice Act,” also called “Card Check,” which claims to increase democracy in the workplace by taking away the secret ballot in unionization efforts. You read that right. It claims to increase democracy in the workplace by taking away the secret ballot! Its name is a bald-faced lie. Brian Faughnan notes in the Weekly Standard Blog that both Obama and Clinton are fanatics about the Card Check bill. They love it. And yet normal Americans are 60-80% opposed to Card Check, according to a poll taken by McLaughlin & Associates.

But this poll shows how unpopular Card Check is with ordinary voters. And while ‘Card Check’ or ‘Employee Free Choice Act’ may sound too abstract to form the basis of an effective attack ad, those phrases obscure the real issue: the right of a worker to vote on unionization without his boss or coworkers knowing how he voted.

In other words, the bill would encourage union organizers to use peer pressure and threats to force employees in non-union shops into signing up for unions. Without a secret ballot, there is no freedom of choice in voting. This bill would create vote fraud, plain and simple.

Vote fraud, another plank in the Democratic Party platform, along with support for Communist Party causes.


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7 responses to “CPUSA supports Clinton or Obama, and Card Check

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  4. “…along with support for Communist Party causes”

    Really old news. Dog bites man old. 🙂

  5. Dog bites man except for those Democratic apologists who continually claim that the Commies are a dead horse and that conservatives are hearkening back to the stone age if they bring up the D=CCCP equation.

  6. I love the Orwellian way of naming things the opposite of what they are.

    nd while ‘Card Check’ or ‘Employee Free Choice Act’

    Slavery is now freedom so you’d better not be against freedom.

  7. Union labor has worked well for Detroit. It only makes sense to get the same mojo going for other economic sectors. Liberals avowed distaste for corporate welfare seems inconsistent with their strategy of keeping the Detroit three in a permanent vegatative state while they hold the cord to the ventilator in their greasy hands. http://twoblogright.wordpress.com/