Obama, Wright, and now Emil Jones

Obama’s shady Chicago connections are coming out of the woodwork like a swarm of termites. The latest one to appear on the scene is Emil Jones, Jr. Rick Moran writes:

Jones helped Obama prior to his run for the US senate by assigning high profile legislation to the candidate thus filling out his fairly pathetic record as a state senator. Most of Obama’s “accomplshments” in Springfield were the result of Jones allowing Obama a prominent role in getting legislation through the senate – legislation that in many cases had been introduced and championed over the years by other lawmakers.

Again, no one is accusing Obama of doing anything illegal. But as the evidence grows that he is just another politician and someone whose mentors are anything but paragons of virtue and probity, whatever otherworldly sheen that surrounded him begins to fall off and we can see him for what he truly is; a shrewd, politically gifted, far left politician.

Jones tried to unify black Chicago behind Obama a year ago, in Feb 2007. Lynn Sweet writes:

ASHINGTON — Seeking to solidify African-American backing for Barack Obama’s presidential bid, Illinois Senate President Emil Jones Jr. told black Democrats meeting here last week they don’t “owe” anyone, alluding to, but not mentioning by name, Bill and Hillary Rodham Clinton. Obama, said Jones, “is our son.”

In a Monday telephone interview, Jones, Obama’s political godfather, told me, “How long do we have to owe before we have an opportunity to support our son?

W. Thomas Payne writes about Emil Jones in Associated Content:

A porky job was handed out to Lorrie Rickman Jones PhD back in March 2007. Ms Jones is a psychologist with a standing practice. There’s no reason to believe she isn’t qualified to do the job as a psychologist.However, getting your hands on how much her practice may have received over the years from government contracts is like pulling teeth from a grizzly bear. I wonder if this information could even be obtained with a Freedom of Information Act request to the Governor, without a costly legal battle.

And what do you know, by some act of fate, Ms. Jones is coincidentally the wife of Senate President Emil Jones!

Also see the Times (UK) Online.


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5 responses to “Obama, Wright, and now Emil Jones

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  2. I hate being stuck mccain. I have a bad feeling that many conservatives are going to be stupid and stay home. There is too much at stake, ie. judges, war, policies, etc. I sure do wish mccain would get rid of his immigration team. hernandez worked for fox (that guy from mexico). Big proponent of open borders…

  3. Things take a slightly different perspective when viewed in the right context.

    Whether one agrees with Reverend Wright or not, it seems to me that he has been unfairly demonized to make a media controversy.

    Watch Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s 9-11 sermon in context on youtube and decide.

    Jeremiah Wright’s God Damn America in context on Youtube

  4. From the beginning, Wright gets it wrong. He acts as if on 9/12 the USA is girding for war in a vacuum. The fact is that the USA had not been prepared for war. On the other side, Al Qaeda and the other Jihadists had declared war against the USA. They had struck the WTC in 1993. They struck Khobar towers, two embassies in Africa, the USS Cole, and each time the US turned the other cheek and handled things like a police matter. Finally, after 9/11 the US leadership realized that it was at war like it or not, and it could either fight or wait to be destroyed. When someone else brings war to you, you are allowed to fight back. When they take war to your own homes, you are allowed to fight, unless you want to surrender and go into exile. And where would the US go into exile? War is the only choice, and the next choice once you choose war is whether you want to win it or just play at it.

    Let me put it in the kind of language that Wright might understand.

    Michael the archangel of the armies of Heaven appeared to America’s leaders and counseled them, “Gird thee for war that thou might sow destruction among thine enemies, the idolatrous slaves of Moloch and Ba’alzebub and Jihad who lurk among the innocent, who hate I AM, who live by murder, theft, rape and corruption in nations that pretend to be thy allies but scheme with the brigands in the dark of night and are rendered thy enemies by their failure to act; thou shalt persecute and crush thy enemies who have chased thee across the world and attacked thee in thy homes. They shall not give thee any quarter. Neither ask it nor offer it. Slay them wherever thou doth find them, and the Lord I AM shall grant them what mercy they deserve, for the world is not at the end times and thy children and thy children’s children shall carry on the word of God unto the following generations, who will spread like the countless stars in the night sky. These brigands, lawbreakers, and idolaters speak with the serpent’s tongue and strike with the serpent’s coils of Ba’alzebub. Thy foot was meant to crush them, just as it was meant to be strife forever between thee and the serpent who tempted the first man and the first woman, and who bites at thy heel and is crushed under thy boot. Oppose them with all thy heart and cunning and strength, and know that thou doth love the Lord thy God with all thy heart.”

  5. Betsy thinks there is some “proper context” for racially inflammatory speech, eh? So does the Klan. So do the Idaho Militiamen. So did the Third Reich.