Dick the Butcher on Democrats

As Seth Finkelstein explains, when Dick the Butcher says in Shakespeare’s Henry VI, “The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers,” he is making fun of Jack Cade’s promises to create an earthly paradise with what Dick imagines to be the most positive populist first step towards heaven on earth.

Now what would Dick, what should we, make of the fact that the Democratic Party in America hasn’t nominated a non-lawyer for the Presidency since 1984? Not only are Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama lawyers, so are their spouses. So is Edwards, and his wife! Kerry was a lawyer. Even genius and oracle Gore went to law school, though he dropped out.

Can the Democrats be the party of the people when they are actually the party of the ambulance-chasing, divorce promoting, class-action-tort-filing, multi-millionaire trial lawyers?


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