Romanian Hippocide

Hippocide, from the greek for horse “hippos” and the latin “-cide” for killing.

It turns out that in its vast socialist wisdom the EU forced Romania to ban horse-drawn carts from its roads, and the result has been that owners of now economically useless horses turned them out and stopped feeding them. Gethin Chamberlain writes:

Once, they would have pulled wooden carts along the city’s streets or worked in the fields, as horses have done in Romania for centuries. But now they have been abandoned by their owners, victims of a disastrous attempt to bring the country into line with European Union law by banning horse-drawn carts from main roads.Over the past month, hundreds of stray horses have been found roaming the streets and parks of Romania’s major cities. Many are half-starved and barely able to walk; some have died where they were discovered, unable to get back to their feet.

So, we find that the incredible wisdom of state socialism kills animals with greater efficiency and cruelty than an animal testing lab. The irony is that animal rights activists are some of the biggest fans of socialism because they know there is no other way that their extremist, anti-human agenda will ever take effect.

Now we can add anti-horse to the list of adjectives in front of their agenda.


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5 responses to “Romanian Hippocide

  1. the Help Labus animal welfare group would set and watch a horse die rather than put it down. some welfare.

    This is all a EUSSR plot to impoverish and immobilize Gypsies.

    The Amish Insurgency will begin over such.

  2. Equicide, not hippocide. No hippopotumus was injured in the posting of this thread.

  3. Equicide, actually equucide, would be good too, but it doesn’t ape “genocide,” with its greek root and latin suffix, quite so neatly, nor is it quite as memorable.

  4. The pacifist Amish wouldn’t revolt. They would leave for a new place, perhaps even making a deal with Native Americans to turn the reservations into breadbaskets.

  5. After reading this article,I want to go out to see the movie with my boy firend.
    Goodbye and Good Luck.