America’s Three Worst Presidents

Ari Kaufman fills in the list:

  1. Jimmy Carter
  2. James Buchanan
  3. Lyndon Baines Johnson

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2 responses to “America’s Three Worst Presidents

  1. Bah!

    1) Lincoln
    2) Wilson
    3) FDR

    Honorable Mentions

    Without Lincoln drove a stake through the heart of the constitution and established a Hamiltonia central state, Wilson, FDR, LBJ, Nixon, W and to a lesser extent TR, etc. wouldn’t have been able to further their radical interventionist policies both at home and abroad.

  2. Well, who knows what would have happened had not Lincoln pursued the war to reunite the country? Would have the country have reunited under a compromise of slavery everywhere and become an empire of slavery, a fascist nation built on the suffering of an empire full of slaves instead of the voluntary sweat of millions of volunteers who worked for the increase of their own capital? Or would there have been two countries adjacent to each other? Would a slave-holding nation have joined the war against Germany in WWI or even WWII? What of the great slave empires of the Ottoman Empire, the USSR and Maoist China?

    Lincoln’s decision may have saved more than just one country.

    But I’ll agree fully with Wilson, who instituted the IRS, LBJ’s great society and micro-management of Vietnam, and FDR’s myriad socialist programs and the soviet infiltration of the US government and military that was so characteristic of his time.

    But still, Carter was a jew-hating chucklehead with big teeth, and he was the malaise of which he spoke. How can he not be a terrible President? He had absolutely no achievements of which to be proud and plenty of achievements and milestones to regret (Panama Canal, Iran, 3 Mile Island, 55 mph speed limit, stagflation, disco, Airport 77). Of course he was the worst president!