Name that Party: Top Aide to Mass. Governor Charged With Sexually Assaulting Boy

Name that Party is a game everyone can play. Whenever a scandal occurs that involves a Republican, the party affiliation of the suspect is trumpeted and the suspect is presumed guilty, guilty, Guilty, GUILTY! But when it involves a Democrat the suspect remains innocent until proven guilty in a court of law and the party affiliation is hidden by the press. In other words, name that party is a game that exposes the media bias in editorial content disguised as news reporting.

In this case “D” is for Degenerate.

Carl Stanley McGee (D) “married” his gay hubby John Finley IV (Anti-“W” R) in November 2005 and the “gay marriage” was covered in the New York Times. McGee is the assistant secretary for policy and planning in Gov. Deval Patrick’s (D) government. He was a Rhodes scholar and a Harvard Law graduate, a Clinton-supporting rising star in the Patrick administration, who led the counterattack to defeat efforts to overturn the Massachusetts courts’ imposition of gay marriage on the state, and was named one of Boston’s Ten Most Stylish Men last year. McGee was arrested in December after sexually assaulting a 15-year old boy at a Florida resort hotel. If it happened in December, why is it news in February? Because the Massachusetts government covered it up!

Read the AP story, Wonkette, or this and this at Deval Patrick Watch for particulars.

I thought the idea was that gay marriage was a good idea because it would bring stability and monogamy to gays who didn’t have it otherwise. But here we have a big-time advocate for gay marriage betraying his gay spouse to indulge his gay pedophilia.

This must be the third way between monogamy and tramping around like a big old slut, the same third way that Bill Clinton espoused.


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