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“Brethren,” said the preacher, “the Lord made the world round like a ball.”

“Amen!” agreed the congregation.

“And the Lord made two axles for the world to go round on, and He put one axle at the North Pole and one axle at the South Pole.”

“Amen!” shouted the congregation.

“And the Lord put a lot of oil in the center of the world to keep the axles well greased.”

“Amen!” cried the congregation.

“And then a lot of sinners dug wells in Pennsylvania and stole the Lord’s grease. And in Kentucky, Texas, Alaska, Mexico, Russia, Araby and Persia, and all through Africa, and pilfered more of the Lord’s grease. And some day they will have all the Lord’s grease, and them axles is gonna get hot. And then that will be hell, brethren, that will be hell!”


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