Pakistan accepts counter-terror aid from USA, spends on Jihad against India

Animesh Roul refers to a NYT report on the Counterterrorism Blog:

Today’s New York Times has a story which paints alarming picture about Pakistan’s intention and puts question marks against it’s role in the US led War on Terror campaign. According to the report, US aid worth billions of dollars, given to Islamabad administration towards counter terror efforts have been ‘wasted and much of it was diverted to help finance weapons systems designed to counter India rather than fight al-Qaeda/Taliban

The heart of the problem (and I am being charitable this Christmas season by not mentioning mendacity as part of the problem) is the different understanding of what terror means. Americans think that terrorism is any act of illegal warfare directed primarily at civilians that is committed by non-uniformed irregular fighters. There are other accepted meanings of terror, such as the state-sanctioned terror committed by totalitarian governments from Jacobin France to the Soviet Union to Cambodia, the terror caused by strategic bombing, and the balance of nuclear terror that was part of the Cold War. The Muslims of Pakistan do not agree with these meanings. They think that warfare directed at civilians by non-uniformed irregular fighters is just fine, as long as it is part of a Jihad for Allah.

So the USA gives money to Pakistan for anti-terror purposes and it is used to commit terrorist acts.

OK Mushy, time to give that money back. You can’t keep it if you are going to use it to kill your neighbors instead of chasing after your terrorist population up in the mountains of Bajaur and Waziristan.


4 responses to “Pakistan accepts counter-terror aid from USA, spends on Jihad against India

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  3. Are you presuming terrorism? I haven’t looked into this and so have only the NYT article you mention to go on. The article mentions weapons systems. That leads me to presume a more conventional build-up for contingency means rather than the funding of terror cells in Kashmir. Just some food for thought.

    Merry Christmas

  4. I’m not really presuming terrorism, only Jihad. But that is bad enough. And Pakistan has certainly not held back in conducting terrorist operations against Indian forces in Kashmir and elsewhere using the excuse of Kashmir. The fungible nature of money means that money spent on armaments frees up other money that would have been spent on those arms for other uses. The implications are obvious.