Would the Media sell its soul to interview the Devil himself?

We shall find out shortly.

Al-Qaida has invited journalists to send questions to its No. 2 figure, Ayman al-Zawahri, in the first such offer by the increasingly media-savvy terror network to “interview” one of its leaders since the 9-11 attacks.

The invitation is a new twist in al-Qaida’s campaign to reach a broader audience, and represents an attempt by al-Zawahri to present himself as a sophisticated leader rather than a mass murderer.

According to the Beeb, the devilish Zawahiri is “opening himself up to questioning in a similar fashion to televised political debates.” Is that a Fox debate or one on CNN?

Maybe if we’re lucky at least one snowman will ask him a silly question about taxpayer-supported, socialist-style health care, to which Adam Gadahn can give him some kind of Chomskian, anti-American answer to spout off and impress the leftards at DU.

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4 responses to “Would the Media sell its soul to interview the Devil himself?

  1. Sumb Dumb Questiumb

    Snowman: Hello Mister Zarqawi. My question is that given the increasing temperature of the Arctic last summer and the record accumulation of new ice in the Arctic this winter, does the total failure of Muslims to invent any modern technology or raise their lives above a miserable level of subsistence where their loser heroes like you and Osama have to hide like squeaking little mice in caves in the mountains from the Christians who gave your countries every item of worth and even the guns and weapons you use to attack them, well does this prove that Allah is a loser god and you might as well switch to a winner religion like Christianity before it’s too late? Loser!

  2. Errr, I meant Zawahiri. Jeez.

  3. Hey! That bug that made me call you Wolfpang must have bitten you too! LOL!! Brain farts ARE contagious! 😉