The Neocommie News: Sure Stalin killed millions, but did you know he wrote romantic poetry?

The Neocommie News, formerly A Trail of Marxist Breadcrumbs, is an irregular compilation of the communist and Marxist madness that still infests the world, as it is published in the interwebs.

Spiegel Online discusses the Russian campaign to play up the softer side of Josef Stalin, murderer of tens of millions.

There are probably better ways of promoting a country’s image abroad than running an ad campaign in English-language newspapers peddling the softer side of a man whose repressive policies led to the deaths of millions. Under the slogan “proud to be different,” Russian state propaganda channel Russia Today (RT) has recently been running full-page ads featuring Soviet dictator Josef Stalin in a general’s uniform, armed with a quill in hand. “Stalin wrote romantic poetry,” the ad states. “Did you know that?”

It’s about as subtle a message as a scenario in which German international broadcaster Deutsche Welle were to advertise with Hitler and the question: “Did you know that Adolf Hilter also painted?”

Some of the slogans that were left on the cutting room floor in this ad campaign included:

  • Did you know that Nikita Kruschev’s chin was always shaved perfectly and his skin was a smooth as a kulak baby’s bottom?
  • Did you know that Trotsky made a heck of a frozen margarita? It was all in the way he used the icepick.
  • Did you know that Lenin played the flute like an angel?
  • Did you know that Gorbachev won the Nobel Peace Prize for knocking down the Berlin Wall and also invented hang gliding?
  • Did you know that Brezhnev was simply mad about faeries, sprites, pixies, and other English woodland spirits?

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While we’re on the topic of Uncle Joe, there is a hagiographical new bio out by Simon Sebag Montefiore titled Young Stalin.

Alexei Bayer jokes:

Josef Stalin, Nikita Khrushchev and Leonid Brezhnev are riding in a train when the engine suddenly stalls. Stalin has the engineer shot. The train doesn’t move. Khrushchev posthumously rehabilitates the engineer, but the train still doesn’t move. Brezhnev then draws the curtains and says: “Good. We’re moving.”

Bayer continues with an analysis of Putin that is as good as it gets.

Warning: A new, revitalized struggle to impose Marxist socialism as a governmental system on some unlucky nation or assembly of nations is upon us, or so claims Renato Rabelo of communist Political Affairs Magazine.

Lenin’s Ghost gasps out a long, deconstructionist, multiculturalist, morally-equivocating essay full of nonsense on why Neocommies and other fellow travelers should ally with Islamists and Jihadists against “decents” (a sneering phrase for people who have moral standards) in order to deconstruct society and reform it in a communist image. He thereby places indecency in the ascendant position, as if indecency and indecency alone can save the world from capitalism. This might be true. This does not mean it’s a good idea. The essay concludes:

Socialists have to deal with groups to the right of them all the time, and Islamists are no exception. The irrational demonisation of Political Islam is not a result of class analysis, or revolutionary realpolitik, but of liberal blackmail. It reflects the theological conception of politics rather than the rationalist one.

At Worker’s Liberty, Eve Garrard disagrees with an invitation sent by an anti-war organization to Ibrahim Mousawi, an editor for al-Manar TV, HizbAllah’s television network. [You know the one, they had Farfur the Jihadist mouse, and now they have a Jihadist bee (do bee a terrorist and pack your bomb vest with nails and rat poison).]

Our union is affiliated to the Stop the War Coalition, which is holding a conference on December 1st. One of the speakers it has invited to this conference is Ibrahim Mousawi, the editor of al-Manar TV, Hizbullah’s broadcasting network.Al-Manar has circulated rumours that the attack on the World Trade Centre on 9/11 was a Zionist conspiracy, and has also broadcast soap opera episodes showing Jews killing Christian children in order to use their blood for ritual food. That is, it has been responsible for the peddling of very traditional anti-Semitic material which constitutes a direct incitement to racism.

Mousawi is the editor of a big budget, sophisticated, international media corporation, financed partly by the Iranian government, which produces antisemitic material in order to make people hate Jews. Mousawi has himself been reported as saying that Jews are a lesion on the forehead of history. Inviting him over here to speak is not supporting someone to speak for the oppressed, rather it is providing a platform for a purveyor of Jew-hatred to tell us about his views.

What does the UCU think we can learn from this person? Why would anyone value a critique of Zionism known to be based on a hatred of Jews? If the UCU thinks we should be opposing the ‘war on terror’, does it want to do so by supporting representatives of terrorist organisations whose stated aim is to kill Jews and destroy ?

The UCU should not be associated with the kind of poisonous racism that Al-Manar promulgates, and I would like to know what action it is going to take to dissociate itself from this connection.

Bravo to Miss Garrard, but the comments shine the light on the nest of subversive, violent, hateful vipers that underlies most so-called anti-war groups like the one of which she is a concerned member.

Yesterday in a gesture of poor judgment the New York Post celebrated the 90th anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 with a puff piece on the life of Vladimir Lenin. The life of Sammy the Bull Gravano would have been much more enlightening, inspirational, and truthful, than this sentimental slop of lies and half-truths.

Communist lawyer Victor Rabinowitz, defender of Alger Hiss, the Black Panthers, and Fidel Castro, has died. He wasn’t just a leftist. He was a member of the Moscow-directed CPUSA from 1942 until the 1960s.

Professor Roman Serbyn asks if there is a smoking gun for the Holodomor (the Ukranian Famine and Genocide so thoroughly covered up by Walter Duranty and the New York Times).This is long but well worth reading in full.

Cuba has announced provincial elections for January. 79% of cubans think the Castro government is incapable of solving the problems of the island. They would be right. 74% want to vote for a successor rather than have the Communist Party pick a new leader. The way they had to conduct the survey is fascinating.

In the real world Communism has been discredited as a system. When the USSR failed, it proved that ideological socialism coupled to the apparatus of state terror is no way to run a country, though it is an effective way to create Hell on Earth. And yet Marxist and Communist memes persist because there are still useful idiots lurking like parasites who continue to spread Marxist propaganda to people who never thought about it.And there are those who for some reason need to educate their fellow man about the inhuman evil that is Communism and Socialism.Trackposted to Perri Nelson’s Website, The Pink Flamingo, Big Dog’s Weblog, third world county, Dumb Ox Daily News, and Right Voices, thanks to Linkfest Haven Deluxe.

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One response to “The Neocommie News: Sure Stalin killed millions, but did you know he wrote romantic poetry?

  1. Count me among that number that feels the need to educate their fellow man about that inhuman evil.

    Communism is a great evil. Socialism is another great evil.

    The modern left seeks the same goals as the socialists… whether though conscious evil or misguided idealism doesn’t matter.

    They all need to be exposed.