The Media Suppressed the Truth About Arafat

From AWOL Civilization via Dissecting Leftism, a personal anecdote about the fraudulent modus operandi of the press shortly after the Oslo Accords of 1993.

A team of film technicians and translators had made videos of some of Arafat’s Nazi-style, jihadesque speeches to the masses in Gaza. These chilling spectacles, which could make even the most hardened Arafat-watcher’s hair stand on end, were translated into Hebrew and English. The team was looking for a native English speaker to present the videos to the Western media. I accepted the offer. At the outset, I was concerned that my personal safety might be endangered when the films were shown to a wide audience.

My fears were for naught. For several days, I visited with virtually the entire Western press corps in Israel: the New York Times, the BBC, Reuters, you name it. All of them courteously listened to my pitch. All of them tried to keep a poker face as they watched the video, but signs of shock expressed themselves in a rogue muscle twitch or bead of sweat. All of them responded at the end with some mumbo-jumbo such as “oh, that’s just what Arafat’s saying to his people; he has to do that to maintain credibility.”

Sure, I said to myself. That’s certainly what these journalists would say if I had shown them translations of Yitzhak Rabin making speeches in Hebrew calling for the Palestinian Arabs to be driven into the sea.

Not a single one of those media outlets ran the story.

Has anything changed? No.

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2 responses to “The Media Suppressed the Truth About Arafat

  1. It is called appeasing the terrorists. a real danger to all of us.

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