Pick Pickler at the CMAs

Kellie Pickler brings down the house at the CMAs.

As Blue Star Chronicles writes:

Kellie Pickler gave a show stopping performance at the Country Music Awards. She sang I Wonder which she co-wrote. The song is to her mother, Cynthia Malone, who abandoned Kellie when she was two-years-old. Apparently, her mother is now trying to re-enter Kellie’s life and as Kellie sings, ‘Forgiveness is such a simple word, but it’s so hard to do when you’ve been hurt.’

Its really a case history in what happens when you put your own needs above the needs of your own children.

A moving performance.

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One response to “Pick Pickler at the CMAs

  1. Hi, thanks for the linkie luv 🙂

    She really did give a moving performance didn’t she! Wow!