Fratricide in the Counterjihad: LGF vs. the Brussels Journal

The leftist slander of conservativism, that Italian Fascists and German Nazis were a bunch of conservatives, continues to make hay in a dispute between LGF and the Brussels Journal.

Charles Johnson of LGF, who has maintained a very good website for a long time, doesn’t want his anti-Jihad and anti-Sharia stance to be confused with racism. He sees signs of racism and distant neo-Nazi associations in the Flemish Vlaams Belang political party and at the Flemish patriotic Brussels Journal. And condemns it.

Paul Belien, of the Brussels Journal, is basically gobsmacked at being accused of Nazism and racism by LGF.

As the British conservative philosopher and author Roger Scruton said in a speech in Antwerp last year, the charge of racism and xenophobia in the EU countries “has become the equivalent of a charge of heresy in medieval Europe, of witchcraft in colonial Massachusetts, or of ‘deviationism” in the Stalinist state.” However, as Mr. Scruton pointed out, “we have a duty to brave the charge of ‘racism and xenophobia’, and to discuss every aspect of immigration.”Mr. Scruton made his remarks in a speech to the Vlaams Belang party – a party which has been accused of racism and xenophobia by the Belgian authorities. “There are many people in this country,”Mr. Scruton added, “who believe that I should not talk to you at all, and that by doing so I become tainted with the very charge that has been levelled at you: the charge of racism and xenophobia. By talking about this charge, I hope to deflect it. I am neither racist nor xenophobic; I am in the habit of assuming that the same is true of others, until they have shown evidence to the contrary; and I am glad that a Party exists that is willing to brave this charge, in order to discuss the problem that is in the minds of all ordinary Europeans today.”

Fjordman, in commenting about this fracas, describes the problem with accusations of racism in Europe.

I’d like to continue the debate about “racism,” which now frequently means something along the lines of “I’m a Multiculturalist. I’ve just lost the debate because I have poor arguments in favor of my case. I want to shut you up, therefore you are a racist.”An American friend of mine once suggested the creation of an European Indigenous People’s Party. When seeing the speed of the demographic shift that is taking place and the censorship imposed on any debate of the issue, maybe this will actually happen. There is no other continent where the indigenous peoples are being systematically stripped of their heritage, displaced in their own cities and are subject to violence and abuse with the active participation of their own authorities, yet where this is celebrated as a victory for tolerance and where the natives are banned from even verbally opposing any of this. Yes, I think this reveals an anti-European bias.

Now I personally think that racism is ridiculous, because the similarities within ethnic groups of humans are minor when compared to the differences between individuals, whatever their ethnicity. And the similarities within humans of like pigmentation are even less. The Nazi race war was just as despicable as the Marxist-Leninist class war, not more and not less. Both Socialist creeds were responsible for millions of deaths. Both were anti-Jew, both were anti-Christian, and both have been associated with the most vile strains of totalitarianism in Muslim countries.

And it is the anti-Jew, anti-Christian part that matters the most. Muslim anti-Jew and anti-Christian hatred is well established. The American Left is developing its own anti-Jew and anti-Christian platform. Communist and Nazi anti-Jew and anti-Christian currents are a matter of history. And on these counts neither LGF nor the Brussels Journal are guilty. The battle between them is a tragedy. It is fratricide. Friendly fire.

And LGF started it and keeps the pot boiling. It is a disappointment to me and to others.

James Lewis and Lawrence Auster are also disappointed in LGF’s actions in this case.

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  3. Charles and LGF DID NOT start this! He was attacked and has a right to defend himself.