Conflict Map of the Counterjihad

The map is based on the Islamic Insurgency Conflict MapUnited States’ struggle against Jihadist terrorists in Iraq and to a somewhat lesser degree in Afghanistan. It could well apply to other Counterjihad struggles, for example Israel against Hezbollah in Lebanon, Pakistan against Al Qaeda in the Pashtun tribal belt, Turkey against the Marxist PKK, and the Philippines against the Abu Sayyaf guerrillas.

The two fields on the ends of the map are the counterinsurgent democracy on the bottom and the country in the throes of insurgency on the top. The gray represents the neutral populace in both.

The two pentagrams in the middle are the military counterinsurgency and the insurgency. They are killing each other. The counterinsurgency is much more successful at actually killing its enemy than vice versa, as reflected in the width of the arrow. The counterinsurgency also manages to kill some of the semi-legitimate insurgent leaders. But this is not where it stops.

The insurgency not only kills the personnel of the counterinsurgency, but also kills neutral leaders and civilians of its putative own side in order to supply photogenic violence for its media productions. The media productions are the tools the insurgency uses to tell its narrative. The insurgency’s narrative is represented by dark green arrows, and comes from the insurgency itself, from semi-legitimate leaders, and from covert supporters within the populace. For the purpose of this map, the narrative is directed at the democratic populace (for the political effects). However, in reality the narrative is primarily directed at all Muslims in an attempt to radicalize and mobilize them.

Finally, and now we come to the core of the processes this map is intended to represent, we come to the interactions between the Elected Government, the Opposition, the Pro-War and Anti-War Minorities, the Military, and the Populace. The center of this storm is the conflict between the Elected Government and the Opposition which desires to embarrass the Elected Government and throw it out of power, and is willing to go to great lengths to do so. For more on this section of the map, see Democracies at 4GWar.

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5 responses to “Conflict Map of the Counterjihad

  1. The opposite of anti-war is not pro-war.

    How ’bout pro-victory and pro-defeat?

    Or pro-military and anti-military?

    Or supportive vs oppositional?

    Loving the graphics.

  2. You’re correct that the pro-war and anti-war sides don’t really act like their names. More like people in favor of winning the war and people who just want to quit the war and get in a circle and sing kumbaya.

    “something’s coming, lord, kumbaya”

    Excuse me, had a campfire flashback.

    I also admit that the irony of the “anti-war” side supporting the insurgents who are actually prolonging the war is too rich for me to want to fix it.

    I’m glad you like the graphics. They’re fun to do.

  3. As I have thought more on this I believe the scheme presented in the conflict map is applicable to any war that the US fights in the future because the free press in the US is consistent in its venality and pandering to the lowest common denominator. It will always bottomfeed, always look for a way to tell the story that puts the US in the worst possible light. Why? Because it sells. It polarizes readers so it sells.

    No matter what kind of war the US gets into, the press follows behind and creates a perfect vector for the enemy to attack our will and morale and thereby neutralize our military without ever having to defeat it, or do any more than murder civilians in the most sneaky and cowardly way imaginable. Envelopes with anthrax. Booby trapped stuffed animals. Recruiting suicide bombers with Down’s syndrome. These disgusting tactics are so photogenic the free media will instantly broadcast them as stories all over the world. The only way to keep the media from getting all these stories is to discourage the media from reporting at all, for instance by failing to provide any access, support or protection for media in war zones.

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