Thugs Nearly Murder “Stop Islamisation of Europe” Leaders

The translation to English is squirrelly, but I think you will get the message.

there was a loud bang and the frontwindow was damaged. About two autonomous looking types were in the front and two on ecah sites smashing the site windows shouting Get him out get him out! and started hitting Anders and the SIAD passenger in the other site with ironbars. The SIAD member in the middle (foto) was hit of a thrown filled soda bottle in her backhead.

Anders succeded after a while to kick one of the autonomous hard in the face as he leaned in to unlock the door. Anders mananged to get out with a fire extinguisher from the van and hit another one hard on the shoulder. It remained later that they attemted to stab him down when there was found cut holes in the shirt, jacket and vest. Anders was wearing his securityvest which saved his life.

Details at SIOE Stop Islamisation of Europe.

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3 responses to “Thugs Nearly Murder “Stop Islamisation of Europe” Leaders

  1. hey there..ty for the link!:)

  2. Wolf, interesting that Gates thinks it’s the Left rather than Islamists. They’re getting really ominous over there, the multicultis. The Conservatives are becoming the outcasts of Marxist society, which is only galvanizing us more.

  3. What I find amazing is the complete lack of MSM coverage.