San Francisco Enables Heroin Addicts

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In a push to make it safer to be addicted to heroin, intravenous cocaine, and meth, San Francisco is planning to open a safe-injection room, where addicts can feel at home to shoot up under nurse supervision.

Lisa Leff reports:

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — City health officials took steps Thursday toward opening the nation’s first legal safe-injection room, where addicts could shoot up heroin, cocaine and other drugs under the supervision of nurses.

Hoping to reduce San Francisco’s high rate of fatal drug overdoses, the public health department co-sponsored a symposium on the only such facility in North America, a four-year-old Vancouver site where an estimated 700 intravenous users a day self-administer narcotics under the supervision of nurses.

This is not a decision to make things better for drug addicts. This is a decision to give up, and let drug addicts pretend that their addiction is okay. And it will attract even more addicts to San Francisco.

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4 responses to “San Francisco Enables Heroin Addicts

  1. We’ve had a similar experiment in Sydney and it’s been widely denounced as a monumental failure. Nothing good will come of this. Of course, it’s the Leftists’ attempt to push drugs further into the mainstream instead of keeping them completely outlawed.

  2. What do you call bars?

  3. ^^ Lol true that

    I think this could be really good, or not so good.

  4. A bar where beer and liquor is served is not the same thing as a drug injection room. I’d think that people who visit from a pot-smokers’ site would understand the difference between drugs taken orally and those taken by direct injection.