The Progressive Assimiliation of America

It starts like this.

  • Stop secret ballot voting in unionizing efforts.
  • Ban private financing of elections. Replace with public financing.
  • Break up national media companies into local media companies. This means Fox and Clear Channel.
  • Befriend immigrants and indoctrinate them in the belief that Republicans are against them.

These are a few of Chris Bowers’s ideas on how to create a quiet “progressive” revolution that would throw conservatives irrevocably into the minority. Like the Borg assimilating a new planet, the takeover would be stealthy and slow. Here are some more of his and his commenters’ ideas.

  • Give voting rights to DC, Puerto Rico, Guam, American Samoa, and US Virgin Islands.
  • Cut spending on military, faith based initiatives, pass single payer health care system, raise auto and gas taxes, and subsidize corn ethanol and other “renewable” energy sources.
  • Pass same day voter registration, drop voting age to 16, and end felony disenfranchisement.
  • Expand student loan forgiveness programs for Democrat dominated professions.
  • Require voter registration by newly eligible voters with the same enforcement mechanism as selective service registration.
  • The National Government should encourage schools to give high school and college credit for voting.
  • Make voting day a national holiday.
  • Discourage suburban sprawl with cumbersome suburban zoning rules and encourage urbanization with smart urban zoning rules, and by encouraging public transit and other governmental programs.
  • Either end the mortgage interest tax deduction or add a rent deduction.
  • Abolish the Electoral College and go to a direct proportional system for Presidential elections.
  • Use Senate rules to eliminate the filibuster and reduce its ability to block legislation, and increase the size of the House of Representatives.
  • Tax advertising to pay for public broadcasting as determined by non-political federal employees.
  • Encourage incorporated community groups to make community responsibilities out of individual responsibilities like health, education, and child-raising, and allocate rewards based on communal achievement of government goals.

The goal of this plan is to turn the US from a nation based on individual rights to a “progressive” nation based on identity group, workers’ union, and community rights (Fascism). One political party would have control of every lever of national government, creating a de facto single party government (A Dictatorship, ruled by an Elite Revolutionary Vanguard). The economy and child-raising would be centrally planned (Socialism). Individual rights and responsibilities would be replaced with communal rights and responsibilities (Communism). In other words, these would change the US into a “progressive” (neocommunist) fascist nation, a USSR of America. As commenter jeffroby notes:

implementation of all of the above would further the revolution, but in fact it would take a revolution to implement all of the above.

and adds:

The logic is superficially sound, but the fact is that good government stuff does not stir the passions of the masses like Bread, Land and Peace, or in post-czarist terms, Jobs, Healthcare and Peace.

That’s a blast from the Leninist past. Even the “progressives” realize that this is warmed over communism, what I call neocommunism. That doesn’t stop them from wanting to bring the corpse back to life. Like the Borg, the result of this is almost uncrecognizable as human, or specifically as American.

This is a warning to all Americans, both Democrats and Republicans, of what the Progressive Movement in the Democratic Party is really all about. They don’t want Americans to have property, responsibilities or achievements of their own. They want to turn the USA into a communist, socialist, fascist state with them as the rulers and everyone else the proletariat at their beck and call. Progressive means neocommunist. It means Stalinist. It means fascist. Don’t forget it.

H/T: Riehl World View

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  2. Some of the ideas you have written about are like something out of a fairy story lets hope they never get some of these ideas off the ground we are free arent we?

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