Who is Colonizing Whom?

In a comment on Tigerhawk, somebody with the moniker Cardinal Park said:

You are on to something here, though, and it in large measure explains why there is a cohort of folks in the west who actually sympathize with the Islamists — muchas they did with the Soviets. I think this crowd includes the Soros-types — they are the utopian one worlders who detest nationalism above all else and who explicitly work to erode the power of the nation state. Soros’s Open Society Institute actually shares this philosophy I think with Islamists — as do holdover Marxists.

This sounds like an equivalence relationship between the Umma and the surviving intellectual colonies in the West of the old Communist Internationale. They both want to colonize the USA. That much is clear. One to turn the USA into a new, even more oppressive neocommunist Soviet State, and the other to turn it into yet another Arabian vassal state (probably named Islamic States of America, or ISA, like their parody of Jesus).

And I haven’t even mentioned MECHA and La Raza.

It sure does suck to be colonized. Didn’t the USA have to throw off a colonial power once already? Is this the USA’s curse, to be the target of colonialist forces for eternity?

Colonizers go home!

Riehl World News thought of the colonial analogy first.

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2 responses to “Who is Colonizing Whom?

  1. This is very true. It’s a shame that our own people are aiding the enemy. We’re going to pay for it soon.

  2. We’re paying for it already. The dollar is slowly collapsing. Democrats have gone mad. Republicans have been gorging like Murtha at the earmarks trough. Laws like Sarbanes-Oxley and McCain-Feingold will ruin American public markets and politics. The Long War is not supported by the media or politicians. The left is rooting for America to lose the war, not realizing their heads will be the first on the chopping block (literally) if the US is colonized or conquered (the useful idiots/traitors always get whacked first). The military is too small to fight the war the way they know how to fight it. Military equipment is worn out and needs to be replaced top to bottom. CIA and State are in revolt against the President. The borders are wide open. Iran is getting closer to a nuclear bomb every day. Al Qaeda is trying to overthrow the government of nuclear Pakistan. Plagues. Floods. Storms. Eclipses. Drought. Locusts. Rivers of blood. Rains of fire. Dogs and cats living together. Real end of the world stuff.