Reminder, October 15 is anti-Climate Change Hysteria Day

Chicken Little: See here, 51 people out of 100 agree that the Sky is Falling.

Little Old Me: But I am looking at the facts, and they don’t say anything like that.

Chicken Little: But my 51 are the majority. They have a consensus!

Little Old Me: I don’t think that word means what you think it means.

Chicken Little: The science is closed on the issue. Foxy Loxy said so. And he is very clever.

Little Old Me: Yes he is clever. And hungry. On that note I think I’ll clean my shooting irons. Good luck and bye bye!

Chicken Little: Buy buy carbon credits!

I wrote about this back on September 18th. The watermelons (green on the outside, red on the inside) are going to have a big Climate Change Hysteria day to get all hysterical like Chicken Little, Lucy Goosey, Ducky Lucky, and all those other barnyard birdbrains who fled into Foxy Loxy’s oh so safe little cave. Well, they want to wreck the world economy and establish an animal farm with themselves more equal than others, and pay a lot of money to carbon credits mavens like the ManBearPig, but we who think for ourselves based on the data know they are wrong. They are wrong because they have a fundamental misunderstanding of science.

They believe that science is like Family Feud. Their goal is not to get the true answer to the question of the day, but to get the popular answer that the majority of 100 randomly selected regular people gave. Then they use this social proof as a substitute for a scientific proof.

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  6. I don’t even understand why whoever is behind that site is copycatting me. They aren’t getting links from it. I auto-blocked trackbacks to them from the start because the spam/bad-language filter caught the name.

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