What to do in a Counterjihad against a death cult?

Jeffrey Imm writes a lengthy and important article at the Counterterrorism Blog.

The Jihadist ideology embraces death, which is why suicide bombers are such an effective strategy. Indeed it is the only strategy that has allowed a mass-casualty attack by foreigners on the American homeland since the War of 1812. The Jihadist strategy of embracing death negates “Mutually Assured Destruction” tactics, it negates traditional military tactics, it negates traditional diplomatic tactics, and it requires new thinking and strategy based on the reality of the Jihadist ideology.Fighting an enemy whose focus is supernatural and who “loves death” is first and foremost an ideological war. This must be the same ideological war that our law enforcement are led to believe that they have no role in. Traditional warfare tactics will have the same limited results as they would in fighting an enemy army of the undead, as the concept of death itself being a worst case result is not a part of the Jihadist ideology.

America and the West remain in denial regarding the supernatural nature of the enemy’s ideology. Viewing the enemy only as “terrorists” is fighting with blinders on.

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The death cult nature of Jihadism and Political Islam makes the ideological battle against them interesting, to say the least. Death cultists such as members of Al Qaeda who seek their evil form of martyrdom have been inoculated against homesickness, brotherly feeling toward their fellow man, and other forms of leverage that might draw them back into the human family. It is possible that the only thing that can be done with them is to kill them before the evil parasites inside their psyches hatch into human bombs.

I do not know the full answer. However, I do know that any form of religious feeling that not only seeks out and sacralizes the death of the worshipper, but also elevates mass human sacrifice of all who are not fellow believers, a perfect example of evil and wickedness, to a good of the religion, is not in any way the worship of a good and kind God and cannot be treated as any sort of religion other than devil worship. The Aztec worship of Huitzilopochtli, the god of the smoking mirror, was wiped out because it was irredeemably wicked. The evidence concerning Jihadism isn’t all in, but initial returns indicate that it is equally evil, and must be excised from the body of humanity.

How to excise it is a hard problem.

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12 responses to “What to do in a Counterjihad against a death cult?

  1. The real ideology of death is the ideology that espouses passivism and unconditional love.

    Islam is an ideological organism struggling to survive. If it wasn’t struggling to survive, it would not be so concerned with warfare. The problems with Islam are many. Dedicated fighters, is not one of them.

  2. Good point that peacemongering is a death cult. It is not Christian anymore, as it has fallen away from a love of real life into an intoxication with a schizophrenic illusion where man never wages struggle/war/jihad/kampf against man.

    As the Serpent said to Eve in George Bernard Shaw’s play Back to Methuselah

    I tell you I am very subtle. When you and Adam talk, I hear you say ‘Why?’ Always ‘Why?’ You see things; and you say ‘Why?’ But I dream things that never were; and I say ‘Why not?’ (Belmont Club)

    Dreaming things that never were is a sign of hope. Believing they are true when they are not is a sign of madness. The latter is the state of mind of Code Pink, ANSWER, Media Matters, the anti-war part of the Democratic Party, and the other offshoots of the Stalin/Gramsci project to undermine American and European morale.

    The Cold War was lost by Communism, but the morale-crushing exercise lives on.

    Perhaps we can agree that both Jihadism and Peacemongering/Stalin-worship are death cults.

  3. “Perhaps we can agree that both Jihadism and Peacemongering/Stalin-worship are death cults.”

    If that be the case, then any ideology or political diktat where followers are asked to sacrifice their life in a struggle for survival would be classified as a death cult. I reject this definition. And whether some deity is added to the equation is irrelevant.

    That doesn’t mean Islam is not a death cult. Islam in its essence insulates against and rejects the progress of time. Islam, in its nihilistic rejection of change, tries to live outside the dimension of time. To me, that’s the very definition of death. And this is where Islam and Communism share a common trait. (Apart from both also being murderous totalitarian expansionist imperialist creeds 🙂

  4. Ok, I agree that most or many in the West have no idea as to the nature of the enemy we are fighting. Our misguided president calls it a “war on terror”, and insists that Islam is a “religion of peace”

    At the same time, I don’t really think that describing it as a “death cult” gets it quite right either. If that’s all it was we could label it “extreme terrorism” and leave it at that.

    Our enemy calls themselves “men of jihad” in their books and videos(Walid Phares; “Future Jihad”). They are divided into three groups; the first two Sunni Salafist, the last Shiite.

    The Salafists are divided into Wahabbists and the Muslim Brotherhood. Each employs a very different strategy, but both want to resurect the Caliphate. al Qaeda is a neo-Wahabbist organization. The ideology of al Qaeda and the Wahabbis is the same on all major points. al Qaeda just wants to speed up the violent takeover part, whereas the Wahabbis want to infiltrate us for another dozen or so years before striking. The MB is concerned with infiltrating and taking over societies and governents in the ME.

    The Shia Jihadists are of the Khumeinist ideology. Their goal is the establish a regional Imamate. With Ahmadinejad it’s to bring back the Mahdi, which he and his Hojjatieh friends think think they can do by creating “chaos and bloodshed” on earth.

    No doubt all of this is quite evil. And the solution is not to court “moderate” Muslims, for the problem is far deeper than a few extremists. No one has “hijacked” Islam; the Salafist and Khumeinist traditions grow out of the takfir started by Abu Bakr (573 – 634). and fully developed by Ibn Taymiya (1263 – 1328) . The point is that Islam as practiced by the extremists is in accordance with tradition, not a departing from it.

    Therefore, Islam needs to be reformed, much in the same way that Martin Luther, John Calvin, et al did with Christianity 4-500 years ago. Muslims need to examime the fundamentals of their faith. Only when that happens will we see a change in the world situation.

    For what it’s worth, that’s my .02

  5. Good luck reforming Islam to make it less bloody. Aren’t reformations supposed to go back to the roots of the religion? In the case of Islam that would be Mohammed, the bloody example for Wahab’s reformation.

  6. Mika scribes:
    If that be the case, then any ideology or political diktat where followers are asked to sacrifice their life in a struggle for survival would be classified as a death cult. I reject this definition.

    As would I.

    I would emphasize that jihad isn’t just self-sacrifice in struggle, but self-sacrifice with the goal of killing the opponent, with the goal to be killed in battle and conveyed to heaven. To my mind, that is is perfect a death cult as there can be. Death is the jihadist’s personal goal, murder the objective for the opponent, and suicide the means by which to achieve the goal and object. A tripod of death by which to hang salvation.

  7. Islam is NOT reformable. But the attitude of cultural muslims is amenable to change. To see this materialize one needs to go back to the old ways of warfare. Begin with 10 cities of cultural and historical Islamic significance, and work from there. Nuclear weapons should be the tools to be used.


  8. Wolf,

    But the primary goal is that of killing the enemy. If our Jihadist “holy warriors” engaged exclusively in collective suicide, then they would qualify as a death cult. Unfortunately, it is quite the opposite, and to my mind our Leftist idiots much better qualify for that distinction.

  9. mika, remember “we love death as you love life”? In order to go to heaven the death has to be while engaged in killing for jihad. The jihad murder is their version of the eucharist, and if they are killed while sanctified by the jihad then they go straight to heaven. That is why they are happy to turn themselves into human bombs.

  10. That is why they are happy to turn themselves into human bombs.

    Wolf, do you always believe the enemy’s propaganda? Out of a population of 1.2 billion people plus, how many have been turned into suicide bombers? When they have to recruit mentally retarded 10 year olds, what does that tell you?

  11. It tells me that the Iraqis aren’t as susceptible to the call to turn themselves into Human Bombs as the Palestinian, Moroccan, and Pakistani youths are. But yes I tend to take their claims of fanaticism at face value when their claims have no special propaganda value. I know what fanaticism can do. Look up the Skoptski to see a gruesome and extreme example.

  12. Wolf,

    In reference to the mentally retarded 10 year old, it was Palestinian. Sure, they’re fanatics. But no one on this planet is better adept at lies, bravado, and propaganda, than the jackals belonging to the Religion of Peace™. That’s their whole culture.