Should teachers be able to carry Guns?

Mr. Christian excerpts Rob at Say Anything.

Rob over at Say Anything has an interesting question posted:

That’s the rather interesting question from The Christian Science Monitor which has an article up about a teacher in Medford, Oregon, who wants to bring her Glock 9mm to school with her and is filing a lawsuit so she can do just that.

This is an issue that usually comes up after school shootings (Virginia Tech, etc.), and I am generally in favor of teachers bringing guns to school. That being said, I’ve got something of a nuanced position on this one in that I don’t think people have a right to bring their guns to work.

I think that teachers do have a right to bring their guns to school. It is not a matter of private property right, as Rob asserts, because the school is a government facility. As such, we the people are the owners. I believe her right to self defense trumps the rights of the administration to keep things “neat and tidy”

What say you?

We know what happens when nobody in a school is armed except for a single madman or a pair or a gang of evil men. That has been demonstrated to my satisfaction. It’s time to give responsible adults of good character and clear vision the chance to defend themselves and others not only in elementary and high schools, but also in colleges and universities.

Are teachers trustworthy enough to be allowed to carry guns?

Do we trust them with our children?

How could you answer yes to one and not to the other?

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13 responses to “Should teachers be able to carry Guns?

  1. Ohh boy,

    I am a certified teacher who believes and practices in the right to bear arms, but this one really bothers me. I always carried a pocket knife, because they are dead useful. But, what if a student gets a hold of my gun? I just wouldn’t do it. But I know several men here in Texas that since the Luby’s massacre consider it their duty to mankind to never leave the house without packing heat. So I understand.

    There is a simpler option.

    The real problem is our deification of the notion we should not exclude people. That somehow this is unjust. I say it is the opposite. This inclusion of the , mentally unbalanced, insane, emotionally disturbed, has caused a VERY UNJUST situation for all students where very disruptive and non-compliant students share facilities with kids who actually want to learn and succeed.

    That being said we have a duty to educate all children, but I think exclusion and separation is the answer. Into facilities that will be appropriate to level of care needed.

    Many parents are not aware that in some schools there are actually padded cells for the emotionally disturbed kids who go to school there. Supposedly, these kids are mainstreamed, but really the most severe only share art, pe, and lunch.

    The ED program in most schools suffers badly because:
    A. Only parents have the right to determine if their kids be tested or recieve treatment. Seems right and good, but not all parents are responsible and the district cannot refuse to educate.
    So, as a regular teacher. I have had some kids in my classes I was very afraid of. And for good reason. It was a disaster, the other kids picked on them, (largely because they were atrociously behaved.)
    I have been in several districts and I believe in most there is an explosion just waiting to happen.

    B. Many ED kids are not monitored appropriately. They are put in social situations above them, they do not handle it appropriately, and the other kids and teachers are not allowed to know they have problems, so they are unmerciful. (You’d be suprised, when kids are made aware of situations how they can be quite decent and kind.)

    C. Kids with serious mental problems or behaviors are not identified properly to administration or teachers. I did my student teaching with a woman who was not informed that one of her students had shot his previous teacher! And when they are, appropriate safety measures are not taken.

    D. The district needs the right to enforce medication being taken, and to watch it being done. In the case of Columbine, he was off his meds. which for some provokes violent psychotic behavior.

    E. Parents need to be held responsible for the actions of their kids. If parents do not inform the district of past behaviors. They are liable. Problem is this is often a genetic problem and the parents have issues too.

    The boy in the Kentucky Shooting had sexually abused students in a previous school. Now there is a boy who should have had seperate schooling. Exclusion would have been just. However, he wasn’t even appropriately watched. If he was missing from class there should have been-calls home and the school should have had people out looking for him. I say this not even knowing if the school had been properly informed. I doubt they were.

    Some times freedom isn’t freedom, it is lunacy and irresponsibility masquerading as freedom.

    Now, not only are kids dead. This young boy must carry the burden of being a murder, not just a molester. I think he could have gotten over that with counseling considering how young he was, but this, he will never be able to heal from. This is the very definition of injustice.

  2. I agree about the danger of mainstreaming the most dangerous students. I gleefully strung lists together along the same lines in Indiscriminateness and big-L Liberalism

    It is a requirement for real progress to be able to identify those things that are evil, failures, or wrong and to see, distinguish, or discriminate, between them and those things that are good, successes, or right. This is the positive meaning of “discrimination.” But discrimination has become a bad word.

    To add irony to the mix, discrimination is now such a bad word that we are not allowed to discriminate between its own good and bad meanings!

    And I understand why you would be nervous about a kid grabbing your gun out of your purse or wherever you keep it. It might be safer to carry it in a holster.

    And what does an armed guard at a school do when a kid tries to grab his or her gun away? It could be a problem!

    But the key point is that responsible, well trained adults are as trustworthy as people can be. Parents already trust teachers to help mold the minds of their children. I would trust good teachers, especially those with military experience or years of experience handling weapons while hunting, with guns. I certainly would trust them more than I trust a minimum wage armed security guard.

  3. Wolfie,
    I am very sorry that you received no discussion on that line. Evan Sayet’s work is incredibly thoughtful and should be heard and discussed by all. I love the Hitchen’s quote, it should be placed in the dictionary under the word discrimination!

    The counter-jihad movement is undermined by relativism, pluralism, and this idolatry of non-discrimination and non-exclusion.

    According to Judeo-Christian philosophy — Idols render the worshiper powerless and then become the very cause of the destruction of the worshipper. This is accomplished nearly always entirely by natural consequences.

    The only resolution to idolatry is not to reject the idol, but to return it to its rightful place as a mere created thing of God with a very specific, and not all encompassing purpose. And to restore God as both the all encompassing purpose and solution.

    We are experiencing this idolatry now with our unwillingness to distinguish the dangerous students and the dangerous religions.

    I leave quote from the days when guns were not uncommon in schools. It is also a poor excuse for poor spelling!

    “I wuz in the school hous when the cry came, “Injun!” I took up my riful an threw down my spellin’ book and thar it lays.”

    Obviously, these students could discriminate between friendly tribes and those that would give them a good scalping. The rest of America failed to discriminate properly and great tragedy ensued. Let’s all learn to discriminate properly to both protect ourselves and prevent mass genocide-type killings which are inevitable, if Radical Islam keeps making itself a stench in the nostrils of the world.

  4. Wolf, I agree completely with your assessment. Why should we not be able to trust them. There are numerous variables to consider, but they have already been considered when we allowed the police to patrol our shool hallways.

  5. I am 14 and i go to a high school in north carolina. and i wanted to say that i think that teachers should be able to carry guns. well not all of them but the i think that the principal, the vice principal and a few other people. Because in my school we have 1 person on campus that is allowed to carry a gun (he is a policeman) and if someone wanted to come into school with a gun and kill students all they would have to do is take out Officer Hartley (thats the guy that can carry a gun on campus)out and then they have at least 10 min before someone gets there to help the school. so thats my 2 cents

  6. Exactly! Joseph, you have completely gotten my point. The idea of having police is to investigate crimes and hopefully prevent criminals from committing more. The idea of having armed, trustworthy persons at a school is to stop murderers from murdering students the first time, by killing them if necessary.

    What is the message of a sign reading “no guns on campus”?

    To a would-be murderer it means “shooting range is open.”

  7. i dont because if the teachers are going threw somethings they might do the same things as students they might go off on other teachers so if teachers can be guns then students should be able too. if they cant we shouldnt ethier but if get to bring guns we should too loaded or not.

  8. You are correct that some teachers can’t be trusted with guns, just like some teachers can’t be trusted to be alone with students without engaging in statutory rape. The point of concealed carry laws is that people who are mentally unbalanced cannot carry. People who don’t practice enough cannot carry. The history of concealed carry laws in the US demonstrates that not only are people who are licensed for concealed carry the safest gun owners but they also make their surroundings safer when they carry than they do when they are prevented by law from carrying.

    Should high school students carry concealed handguns? If they can obtain a legitimate concealed carry permit from their state, then why not? Shooting clubs used to be common in American high schools, back when Americans remembered they were a nation of hunters and warriors, before the collectivist activists decided that disarming the populace would be the safest way to take over the country. And shooting incidents at schools, aside from the odd bb-gun fight that raised a few welts, were rarer than they are now.

  9. Luis Fernando Paulios

    yo yo. my glock so heavy drop a needle on me and wipe me down with a mop. i wanna be a balla, shot calla, 50 inch rims on the impala. i pack heat like its my job.

  10. i agree 110% with my young bull, Luis Fernando, or as i call him… old drt mcgrt/hello kitty gangsta. also, i believe that joseph.. is a terrorist. he has the whole thing planned out how he’s gonna clap officer hartley in his dome and still have about 10 minutes to get his groove than gon wit his gat. i cant sleep on that! NOT ON MY WATCH!

  11. Should people with 50 inch rims on their Impala be allowed to carry weapons in schools, or anywhere else for that matter?

  12. Jose Fernandez

    Ight now if you cant trust a teacher from bangin a kid on the side how you gon stop em from pullin out a glock and lighting up the room, you cant, so if you are then the kids are gonna absolutely need to have bulletproof vests, and mayb a switchblade or two, also i have 50 inch rims on my impala and i carry a glock, doesnt mean i did anything, kinda like o.j. with his bloody glove

  13. Mace "Sam Jackson" Windau

    Hmm… i’d have to say i definitely agree with my associate Jose. And by the way, i got a bloody glove right here! i doesnt mean i did anything! and trust me, i’ll kill a snitch… not sayin’ i have… not sayin i haven’t. ya digg? taye diggs? anyway, i think this discussion has gone completely down the pooper and i hereby declare that teachers, should have to sport Fake Canadian ID’s, in case they get sick and need to go up to canada. It’s straight up, without the paint-up. Sharpton for President ya’ll