Call for climate hysteria debunkers on October 15

October 15 will be the day to blog as well as you can on the Environment. Splash some cool water on the steaming hotheads. Register at Blog Action Day if you like.

As Arthur C. Clarke said, (from memory) if man is to last as long as the dinosaurs lasted, then only for a brief moment at the beginning of the lifespan of the human species will “ship” refer to a ship that rides on water. Space travel is a necessity for the boundless and brilliant future of humanity. And to have space travel we all need more horsepower and more energy than we have now.

Earth is a tiny piece of the environment of the Universe, even a tiny part of the Solar System we live in. If we confuse our planet with the false goddess Gaia we lose touch with the immensity of our human future, which if we can keep our minds on target will see us colonize the stars.

A watermelon is green on the outside and red on the inside. A watermelon is also an environmentalist Green who hides a communist, socialist Red agenda inside. Rather than working to increase efficiency which will increase the available horsepower and decrease pollution, watermelons have as their goal to use the legal system and a government monopoly on violence to strangle industry and modern society and forcibly roll history back to a time when people walked everywhere, when specialization and the industrial revolution had not made life easier and safer for people, when Mozart’s death at 36 wasn’t considered all that young.

Widespread societal collapse would certainly get rid of all the lawyers, but I don’t think the mass starvation and violent uprisings are worth even such a laudable goal as to rid the world of lawyers.

Since most of the blogging about this will be by watermelon Greens and other communist influenced groups it falls on those of us conservatives who love the environment to keep our heads on our shoulders when the Chicken Littles run around screaming about the fallen sky. Remember, October 15.

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