FEC Complaint filed against MoveOn.org and New York Times

James “Uncle Jimbo” Hanson of Blackfive has filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission concerning the repugnant MoveOn.org “General Betray Us” full page political ad in the New York Times. The Times charged MoveOn $65,000 for the ad, but a reporter who called the Times inquiring about a full page ad in a Monday paper was quoted a rate card price of $181,692. The complaint asserts that the difference between the full price and the price charged should be declared as a political contribution by the New York Times. I agree. If such a large political contribution is illegal, then so be it. Let the cards fall where they may and let the Times pay the price.

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5 responses to “FEC Complaint filed against MoveOn.org and New York Times

  1. Well, as much as I HATE to agree, because I bow humbly to Move On, I would agree that it would be unfair, and not in the best interest of the whole.

    Google: Best interest of the whole.

    🙂 thanks

  2. MoveOn, founded to get people to move on from the acrimonious political sniping centered around the Bill Clinton scandals, and now stuck on acrimonious political sniping as if the people in charge of it never learned from the name of their own organization.

    Move on indeed. Isn’t there more to politics than libel, payback and dirty pool?

  3. I am *quite* impressed indeed! Impressed that someone is actually doing something about this!

    But do expect the Left to claim this is an effort by the fascist Right to suppress and oppress Truth, Freedom, and the Proletarian Way.

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  5. Muslihoon, not only that but they are claiming that it was a “standby” rate and that the conservative groups who bought ads at the full price on the same day didn’t get the good price because the dopey conservatives were too dumb to take advantage of it.


    So Giuliani jumped in and took the standby rate, making them eat their words. But what I want to do is buy up a bunch of whole page ads at the cut rate and broker them to big advertisers at full price. If I say that I’m a political group do you think they’d have to let me? Of course there is the problem of raising the scratch to make it happen.