Chris Crocker off his Rocker

Britney’s biggest and femmest fan bawls his eyes out. Heartfelt. Hysteric. Hilarious!

Bad language! Don’t watch if you’re under 18.

Letter to Chris: The rules of our culture allow you to sleep until you’re 18 and out of high school. Then unless your parents spring to keep you in a collegiate hothouse you must wake up to the real world. It is more wonderful, more real, bigger, funnier, scarier, more lovely, more worthy of attention than anything written in your school’s Zinn history or social studies books, or even in your beloved Star and National Enquirer. Get out of town. Dig a ditch. Immerse yourself in another language. Work for a week out of the casual labor pool in your hometown. Ask yourself if the life you have known will serve you well, or if you want something else. THINK!

H/T: raincoaster.

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2 responses to “Chris Crocker off his Rocker

  1. I think this Video is getting posted on ALLOT of blogs out there in the last few days.


  2. Brent, I have no doubt that you are right. And I suppose everybody adds their own flavor to it, in a cross-cultural rorschach test.